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Do you sometimes get the feeling that our government is schizophrenic? By School Scoop.

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The decisions of SCOTUS, as we lazy folk like to abbreviate the highest court in the land, have baffled me a bit this week. Earlier this week, I was somewhat aghast that they labor under the foolish delusion that the states that needed help with setting up fair voting registration and gerrymandering law for all their citizens had learned their lessons in “nearly fifty years.” And yet, the US still doesn’t allow Japan to have a military force. If they are attacked, the US has to fight their battle. It’s been 70 years and we still don’t trust them to be able to wield an army without trying to take over the world. Ask the people of color who get followed until some cracker finds a violation they can be charged with if they think the deep south is ready to fairly administer voting rights to them. Hell, I knew somebody I worked with in Milwaukee who got pulled over on the way to work (6 AM). The cop passed him going the opposite direction, did a u-ey and pulled him over for a broken tail light. Hoping to see something juicier in the process, I’m sure, and making my co-worker late for work. He was devastated and felt very embarrassed. I told him he wasn’t the one who should feel embarrassed. Driving while black is what this experience is called in Milwaukee, and other places I’m sure. The Trevon Martin case is an extreme example of this bias: privileged groups threatened by the mere presence of a minority. But of course, all the people in charge of voter registration are enlightened folks and would never suppress a vote.

So this was my thought process as we careened toward the DOMA decision: Surely this court will never overturn DOMA. And this morning I was so blasted happy to see chains beginning to fall away. Naturally, there are drawbacks because states that don’t extend equal rights to LGBTQ citizens do not have to acknowledge a couple’s marriage in a state that does. There are legal conundrums this will cause, but it is surely going in the right direction for mankind’s quest to treat all with dignity and respect. I am happy to be able to say the SCOTUS surprised me with its decision. Given what’s at stake, I’m glad these two decisions came down as they did. The citizens in places that have not been historically kind to those of color still have the ability to file complaints for voting irregularities. The very essence of eliminating law that screams “you are less than” to all LGBTQ citizens helps restore my faith in humanity. The vulnerable LGBTQ youth no longer have to endure people rationalizing their bigotry and hatred with DOMA. The haters will still be around but they no longer have federal law to hang their hat on. Carry on, Supremes!


Search Wisconsin High Schools | US News

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This is just embarrassing that Evansville is not on here.

It says a lot.

Search Wisconsin High Schools | US News.


Some Milwaukee schools listed as the best in Wisconsin.

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For all the talk of how awful Milwaukee schools are.. A couple of them are in the top 10 for Wisconsin.   Funny thing I can not find Evansville in this list any where.

The amount of Evansville’s students who tested at proficient or advanced not so hot…no surprise.

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The state average of students who tested at proficient or advanced was 36.1 %.    Average scored only 40.4 % of Evansville’s students tested at proficient or advanced on the  W.K.C.E. testing, or what ever they call it now.     Evansville scored only 40.4%   at proficient or advanced.   These numbers come straight from the Wisconsin Department of public instruction.    Those numbers suck.    WE do not even have  half our students at proficient  or advanced.    Not even half.

That really is horrible and nothing to be proud of .     These teacher and administration should be embarrassed.  They are leaving a lot of kids behind.

Year after year of poor test scores.    Year after year of kids getting left behind.


Milwaukee Bucks in the play offs.. not such a good thing.

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Because they are going to get their asxxx handed to them by the Miami Heat.   The closest they got last night to the Heat was within 2 points.   But most of the game they spent looking like they needed help picking even their own nose.

Seriously its time for Herb Kohl to sell the team to some one who is not afraid to spend some money.  We do have a couple good players but they can not carry the load.   It seems like any time they trade for a player , the player has no interest in being in Milwaukee and wants the helx out .   Because he knows they are nowhere near being able to make a run at a championship.   Not now, not any time in the near future.

Wisconsin: School Vouchers: Saviour or Devil?

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Gov. Walker just can not leave any thing alone and let things settle down.   But he made it clear from the start he was very much in favor of school vouchers.

The idea behind school vouchers is good, but are they needed?   We already have Open Enrollment.    It was suggested that these vouchers are life-savers for those who live in an area like Milwaukee where the public schools are not good, so open enrollment does not really work there because none of the schools are that good.  So transferring from one bad public school to another makes no sense.

Some might not have the resources to transport their child to a school outside of Milwaukee , so they are stuck with the Milwaukee schools.   This voucher system allows them to go to private schools in Milwaukee, without much travel.

I have heard several people mention they do not want ” their ” tax money going to fund private schools, through these vouchers.   I will remind people those who use these vouchers also pay taxes and they have the right for their child to get a decent education.

Some people feel it’s just Walker’s way down the long, slow path to privatizing public schools.   That in 10 years there will be few public schools left in Wisconsin.

Quite honestly with the way some public schools are run and the results they DO NOT produce maybe that is best.

HOW ever private schools if they are going to receive TAX MONEY need to be held to the same standards of Public Schools.  They must also show results and from what I have read so far they are not.  So until private schools are showing results we need to hold off on expanding the voucher program.

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