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Green Bay Street Named For Donald Driver

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So happy to see this happen so fast!!!   Donald Driver is just a class act.

He was recognized for all the charity work he does off the field as well.



Dom Capers needs to answer for Saturday night’s game.

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Why did Dom Capers not have a plan to deal with Colin Kaepernick?

He had weeks to put together a defensive plan a to deal with this very elusive running quarterback.  It was embarrassing to think this was the same defense that the week before did  a excellent job containing Adrian Peterson.This  week they looked confused and lost out on the field.

The one problem that I’ve always had with Dom Capers is we never know which defense is going to show up from week to week.

Dom capers is a very good defensive coordinator he is very good.  But he has some definite weaknesses> I don’t understand why they cannot come up with some changes before halftime to help deal with Mr. Kaepernick.

But in all fairness that was not the only problem the Green Bay Packers had on Saturday night.  We had the interception we had the muffed punt, we cannot seem to move the ball like we should have , at times it looked as though we forgot how to tackle.  It looks like a different team than from the week before.  At times it looked like they were getting out-of-the-way of Kaepernick so he could run.

It was nice to see Donald Driver activated.   They had him on special teams?    Glad to see him out there but that was odd.. IT WAS VERY DISRESPECTFUL  they did not allow him to play in his last home game as a Packer.

Several of our key players also had the flu.  How many of us go to work with the flu?

We also have many things to be grateful for.  The  GREEN BAY PACKERS had a excellent season.  They made the play offs again.  They dominated the division.   Division champs again!

Next year will be a great year!  We have a team to be very proud of.

Go Packer’s!!!

The Packer’s ROLL all over the Vikings

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I am so excited about the Packer WIN!!!! WE would have kicked the vikings asx with or with out ponder! There was no way Ponder and clearly Joe Webb were going to keep up with the best QB in the NFL on his home field.

AS for Jarod Allen YOU are old, over rated, arrogant and an asx! So glad to see you going home where you belong!!!! There was a lot of arrogance last night pre-game from their head coach to the players so it made the win even sweeter. They have never been as good as they seem to think they are, without AP, they have nothing. Good job by the Packer’s last night putting a stop to him.

I am very sad about Donald Driver. Seeing him on the side line in street cloths, knowing that will probably be the last time we see Donald on the Packer’s side line in Green Bay. He is just a class act, a great player, and to top it off very good looking man, gorgeous smile! I am really going to miss him, great if he has one more year but I just do not think he will. He will be missed!


Working out with Donald Driver Again!!!! 07/14/2012

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Donald Driver is just an extreme class act.  The Packer’s are lucky to have him!!

We took our son and a friend and they had an awe some time!!

It is some thing they will always remember.  Donald did his best to have interaction with each child in each group, and that was a lot of kids!!

The kids were not thrilled about being there an hour before the Zoo even opened, but in the end they were glad to be in the second group, and not at the end of the line , that by the time we left went all the  way back from the middle of the Zoo to the last of the Bears.    Long,long,long line.

Thank you Donald Driver for all that you do for the Packer’s and the State of Wisconsin.

Physicians Plus has sponsored this for the last five years.

Donald Driver a Packer for LIFE!!!!!

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We have been waiting to hear this.    Donald said all along he would love to retire a Packer and was willing to meet the Packer’s half way.    He loves Wisconsin and the Packer’s and we love him.   He is just a class act not to mention a Super Bowl champ and Dancing With The Stars Champ!   He is a out standing role model.   The Packer’s and Wisconsin are very proud of him!!!

We are so excited that he is a Packer For Life!!!!

Donald and Peta Dancing With The Stars CHAMPS!!!!!!!

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We had told our selves that  Donald and Peta getting to the finals was good enough.. WE were very proud regardless of what place he came in.  BUT when it came time to announce who won I felt sick,  I was so nervous.   I was  glad when William Levy was out.  It came down to who many had said it would for weeks.  Donald and Katherine.     When they announced Donald and Peta had won we were all on our feet cheering!!!!!   So excited!!!!    We loved Donald’s response to winning.   He and Peta deserved it,  worked very hard.   His FreeStyle and Trio Dance I think were my favorite.      I am so happy he won!!!   He was under scored all season and Katherine was over scored most of the season.!!!!!   Donald is such a class act..  Very excited for him.

Congratulations Donald And Peta!!!!

Donald Driver and Peta’s Freestyle dance was PERFECT in more than one way!!!!!

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First of all the Green and Gold costumes!!!!!    Second , it was just a fun and fast paced  dance with lots of twists, spins and turns and LEN finally showed Donald the love and gave him a PERFECT 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!      Donald and Peta are tied for second place.      Regardless of how Donald does tonight win or lose , he has just done a fantastic job.    He is such a class act!  He is humble,  he is coach able!  Some are not..   Everyone left in the finals is really, really, good!!!    Congratulations to Donald and Peta on making it to the finals.   We are very proud of them!!!!

Watch the dance in the video below!!!

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