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Sun Prairie schools to revamp special ed screening | Education –

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I remember having this discussion with Theresa Daane years ago.   Before Theresa Daane worked in Evansville she worked for the Sun Prairie School District.

Theresa felt Evansville did the same thing and before she left she was working hard to change just how it was determined who got special ed and who did not.

Special Ed. services is not the way to fix achievement gaps.    How ever there are services you can offer students with out it being a special ed service.

It would be very easy for schools to stick all under achieving students into special ed.  But some times they just need a supported reading or math class.  It is at times as easy as starting a reading or math club.    Just to get kids to practice basic skills more can make a huge difference.

It’s good to see they are going to make some changes.




Sun Prairie schools to revamp special ed screening | Education –

Evansville house part of sheriff’s investigation | News –

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Evansville house part of sheriff’s investigation | News –


Madison West’s Music Department and Mr. Cao

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Our son is taking Chorus this year.  I was not at all excited about the thought of him doing this and yes I will admit tried to talk him out of taking Chorus.

Why would I try to talk him out of taking Chorus?  Because I can not stand the concerts the kids are required to go to.  They are always at night, and always run late, way past my bed time.   The other issue is the one down fall Madison West has is the parking available.   There really is none.

So as the first concert date approached I dreaded the thought of it.    Then the night came and we made our way to the auditorium  at Madison West.  First I have to say the auditorium is just incredible.   Just the architecture and history is enough to make people be amazed.  As we sat there waiting for this concert to start you could just feel the excitement from the students and the parents.   I sat there thinking  ” What am I missing? “

I soon found out.   The concert started and just the energy and enthusiasm shown by this teacher and these students was incredible.   After my son’s class had finished their first song and Mr. Cao started to speak the auditorium just erupted in applause for Mr. Cao and this group of kids.   It became very clear , very quickly that Mr. Cao is very , very loved.  By the end of the evening we knew why.

He is just incredibly talented , and he has such enthusiasm and energy it was just amazing.  The kids truly love him, and they love music.   He has every one of those students engaged and loving what they are doing.


I am very glad my son is in his class.

I left that night wondering when the next concert is and looking forward to it.




The Evansville School district FAILS to keep the really good teachers. Ms. Ellie Habrel is gone. A huge loss.

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The Evansville school district has lost quite a few teachers over the last two years.   Most left for greener pastures.

BUT  to lose a teacher like  Ms. Ellie Haberl is just truly sad.   She was the best , one of the few really good teachers Evansville had left.    How did I find out about this?

Her mom teaches at Madison West.    I was saddened and shocked to learn Ms. Haberl had left the Evansville school district, not that one can blame her.

We now know where Ms. Haberl got so much of her talent and love of teaching..  Her parents.    Her mom is just awesome.

Her mom subs at Madison West.   I wish she taught full time there.   She is just a wonderful lady and a great teacher.

Evansville schools just continue to go down hill..  growing open enrollment number, loss of the really good teachers.

Evansville residents are paying attention as is shown by the open enrollment numbers.  NO one is ‘ stuck’ anymore in a district that is not working.

Evansville just does not seem to be able to understand that, as is shown by their lack of investigation into this.


School Board Meeting Tonight. Check Out The Packet.

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I am sorry Mr. CzerWonka.   Your work on this ” Survey” is a joke.   I am sure your not at your fault.  I question who came up with these questions?   I do not seem to see where it asks about how people feel/felt about the school district/high school/ Junior high administration, over all the administration.   Was it not asked because you were afraid to?  They really are not digging very hard to see why people are leaving the district.   Keep in mind Evansville tax payers the district will lost almost a million dollars this year do to open enrollment.   They are a failing district.

So once again the district only asks questions when you are not concerned about the answers.

ALSO take a look at how LOW the numbers are for people leaving the district because of lack of 4k

Just like 4K is not going to save the Evansville school district, Parkview should not be building.

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Your views: Scorecard shows Parkview should not be building

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October 16, 2013

A excellent , well written opinion by a ParkView resident. 

“Here’s the Beef”! Parkview is not Garrison Keeler’s Lake Woebegone, “where all the kids are above average.” The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s report card shows Parkview High’s score at (65.9/100) and the district’s at (66.9/100). Both, a “spectacular” D+. The “Meets Expectations” is a nice, face-saving “smoke and mirrors” description. If the numbers were a few points lower, the Department of Public Instruction would be seriously knocking at the district’s door.

Yep, at 66.9, a great big D+, makes Parkview the second-lowest among the 13 school districts in Rock County. In the county, only Clinton’s score is worse than Parkview’s, and Clinton built a new school recently. Nearby Albany is at 74.1, and Evansville, at 74.2, both “Exceed Expectations” of the state.

“Choice” students avoid the district. The athletics director bemoans publicly that the district’s athletes can’t compete. Declining district population, marginal local jobs prospects and reduced property values add to the dilemma. No one seriously moves into the district for the education! New money is neither available nor expected in the district, and the current product deserves none.

Consolidation with another district is almost inevitable and in fact has already started with Newark and Footville, where years of improvements were/will be all but given away. Parkview schools have no business building new buildings to soon follow suit. A report card that “Significantly Exceeds Expectations” of the state is Parkview’s only cost-effective path to salvation.



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Janesville school enrollments up for second year in a row- Janesville Gazette

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Can you imagine the Evansville School districts enrollment numbers ever going up?   Either do I.   NOT with the administration they have in place and the lack of academic achievement.

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By Frank Schultz
September 30, 2013

Yolanda Cargile

Related information

Janesville School District fall enrollments
Year  Enrollment*
2009 10,420
2010  10,291
2011  10,288
2012  10,306
2013  10,351
*Includes part-time Early Childhood and 4-year-old kindergarten numbers.
Source: Janesville School District.

JANESVILLE—Janesville School District enrollment might have turned a corner.

After years of slow decline or treading water, the fall enrollment counts have now increased two years in a row.

Enrollment, including the part-time pre-kindergarten programs, edged up by 18 last year, and it’s up by 45 this year.

District administrators sought to connect the gains to their efforts to improve academic achievement.

The district’s news release noted that the district received a grade of “exceeds expectations” on the new state report card system and that the state recently cited seven of the district’s schools as “schools of recognition” for success with large numbers of low-income students.

The administration is optimistic that such recognition will attract more families to send students to Janesville schools, the release states.

“It’s my hope and belief we are attracting more students because of the strides we are making academically and how our students are achieving,” said Yolanda Cargile, director of student services.

“Not that that’s the whole reason for why we have 45 more students, but hopefully it is an attraction,” Cargile said.

The biggest gain in the district was in charter-school enrollments. Rock River Charter School, which serves at-risk high school students, particularly saw a big increase.

Cargile noted that Rock River Charter expanded this fall to a third floor at 31 W. Milwaukee St., so that it could accommodate new students.

Rock River Charter made a big push to bring in more students who had dropped out, Cargile said. It also added a staff member.

Other charter schools increasing enrollment were TAGOS Leadership Academy, up by five, and the Janesville Virtual Academy, eight.

The increased enrollment won’t mean a significant increase in district revenues, said Chief Financial Officer Keith Pennington. That’s because of how the state calculates aid amounts, which are based in part on a three-year enrollment average, Pennington said.

“It’s good news, but it doesn’t translate into immediate dollars from aid,” Pennington said.

Sustained gains in enrollment in years to come eventually could mean more state aid, Pennington said.

Other items from the enrollment numbers released Monday:

— If only enrollments in 5-year-old kindergarten through 12th grade are considered, the district also shows increases over the past two years. The K-12 increase this year is 50.

— Numbers show no change in the combined enrollments of Craig and Par

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