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Your Views: From the Janesville Gazette- Math education system failing

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Your Views: Math education system failing Janesville students
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Letter to the editor
Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Mathematics education at the high school level in the Janesville School District is weak and ineffective. Large numbers of high school mathematics students are unprepared for the rigors of post-secondary education.

Implementation of curriculum-based assessments and cumulative unit evaluations, and pressure for ACT preparations have negatively affected the high school curriculum to no fault of classroom educators. ACT scores continued to fall for the past several years.

The integrated movement has students reviewing, practicing and taking assessments at the sacrifice of the course curriculum. A conservative estimate is that 17 percent to 27 percent of teaching time in each class is lost. The goal of higher test achievement is not reached because the concept was not mastered in the first place. The block schedule has decreased instructional time annually by 900 minutes per class.

The central administration requires and dictates a timetable. Teachers cannot teach their classes and curriculum in sequential order. Teachers must follow these directives if they want to remain employed. Reinforcement of a skill for a struggling student is not possible because of lost teaching time, and enrichment is non-existent.

The Janesville district needs a change in direction. Taxpayers must seek changes from the school board. This downward spiral should be stopped, or high school students will continue to be unprepared for the future. Do not let the district continue on this backward slide but rather move forward.


Certified mathematics educator

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The Big and the Small of it.

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So it’s been a while since have posted.  Many messages asking where are you?  What is going on ?

I have most definitely been around.  Not far.

The biggest change is my son who is a Junior in high school has been attending  West HIgh School in Madison since his freshman year.  It was a change long over due and I wish we had made the move years earlier.

It has been such a big change both in the size of the school , the quality of the education he is getting and over all just the over all atmosphere at Madison West, in the Madison School district.

I long had known that the Evansville School district was not a good school but I did not realize how really bad of a district it was until we moved.

The qualtiy of teachers is at the very top, the curriculum and choices in curriculum are outstanding.  So many choices.  They hae been doing a outstanding job getting him ready for college.   He has had so many more opportunities than Evansille could ever think about offering.

What about safety one might ask?   I have never questioned or worried about saftey in the Madison Schools.   There has never been a issue.

My sister’s  kids still our in the Evansville distirct so I follow things closely.  Its sad to say nothing has changed in the Evansville school district.





How important is it to have new dug outs at Lake Leota Park?

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****** This was sent to me , and I was asked to post.

I will,  but not without a couple of thoughts.

  1.  FOR the city to allow them to build new dug outs would be a big mistake and headache. REGARDLESS if they have the money to do it.   They have been warned already what will happen if they do.  There is no way the city can go along with this.
  2. WHOSE bright idea was it to have Lake Leota marked a ‘ historic’ ?   That is just stupid.  What purpose does it serve?  So most people’s yard’s must be considered historic then as well, we are talking about tree’s and dirt. The dirt in your yard is just as old as the dirt at Lake Leota Park.  There are plenty of out buildings around town that are old old, old, those home owners should consider there land historic as well.   Good Grief.


Hello Blue Sox Families,

I know there are many of you wondering what is going on with the dug out saga. Here goes:

In June Mike and I attended a historical meeting where we were told that we would have to write a proposal to the Wisconsin State Historical Society to get the approval to build the dugouts. The reason we had to write the proposal – Lake Leota Park is on the National Register of Historic places (established in 2012) Any changes that we were/are going to make need to be approved.

So, I write the proposal and submit 2 ideas….One dugout made of brick with a roof and one dugout made of wood with a roof, both very nice and something that Mike envisioned for the completion of the project.. The city liaison that I am working with also submitted a plan that involved a dugout with a roof and chain link fencing. It still would like good.

After a VERY long wait from the Wisconsin State Historical Society we got the letter saying that the ideas submitted would cause an ADVERSE EFFECT on the property and because there were no existing dugout there to begin with that is how the park should remain OR we purchase portable dugouts that can be taken up and put down at the start and end of the season. (I know the adverse effect seems very silly, but I understand that the commission is trying to keep the historical integrity of the park intact.)

I attend the Evansville Historical Commission last night to debate the letter sent back to us from the state. There were many interpretations of the letter. Some on the commission felt that if a decision were to be made on the proposed ideas and one of those ideas was implemented, there could be “trouble” with the state commission….to the point where the state could come to the city and say take it all down because we are in violation. ( I will share the memo with you all…I just do not know how to get that on here.)

So, a motion was made to take the following motion to the CITY COUNCIL for the decision…..Either we keep the dugouts as is (open air and with the chain link fence there to keep the kids off the field OR portable dugouts are bought and used.

This is not what I wanted to have happen. I wanted the local commission to decide on the design and move forward. I voiced my opinion about that many times during the meeting. Portable dugouts is not what I envisioned, let alone what the guru of baseball had envisioned.

I still have some research to do. I am again going to be in touch with Chip Brown who wrote the review to clear up so of his muddled thoughts.

BUT here is what I am proposing….We all clear our schedules for the night of Oct. 13 that is when the motion is going to be voted on. Meanwhile, I am going to get together as list of all the names and numbers of the council members and we need to start a back to basics, grassroot campaign of calling them and stating what we feel the lower diamond needs. Safe, usable, dugouts that will add to the beauty of the park AND draw in other teams that will come for tournaments.

So if everyone could just hang tight….I know it is frustrating, I left the meeting very, very upset, but we are following the rules and doing what they ask of us.

I’ll be posting more in the near future. Thanks for your support.


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A ordinance to ban feeding feral cats in Evansville??

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So Evansville is proposing a ordinance that would ban feeding feral cats. That is Evansville for you. Some body has to much time on their hands . What horrible person is suggesting this? People are already posting they have no intention of following it , if it passes. They would never be able to enforce it. Just another anal person in Evansville trying to force their want on others.  Check out the common council agenda.…/Ordinance%202015-01…

Ferrets Bite Baby’s Face; Parents: ‘It’s Not Our Fault’

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Ferrets Bite Baby’s Face; Parents: ‘It’s Not Our Fault’ –

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