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Best laugh I have had in a while.. regarding the Evansville School District.

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wpid-20150129_065952_000.jpgwpid-20150129_064156_000.jpgTHEY really have to stop picking Kim Katzenmeyer to lead any discussion on good behavior. She does not know the definition.  I have included part of the Evansville School Boards agenda packet.  Read what good old Kim had to say .  Evidently Kim is part of the employee compensation committee.  The question was asked  ” What makes a good educator? ”   This is what this committee put together in regards to that question. ( see inserts above.” Its all laughable because Kim in particular does not know or follow some of the talking points that put into answering that question.


Like ‘ treating students with dignity.”    She is a horrible teacher,  and very disrespectful to students.   She is known as the ‘ bitch’ around school because of how she treats students.    AS for motivation ?   NO she tells certain students they will never graduate when they do not do what she wants them to.  She bullies them.   That is not motivation.

The teachers in the E.S.D. are very frightened by merit pay.    It will eventually happen and they know it.

Quite of few teachers in the E.S.D. would never make it in a larger school district, example.. .like the Madison School District.   In the Madison School District teachers are held accountable for their words and actions .  Teachers in the Madison School District have to show results and excuses are not tolerated.   Kim Katezenmeyer would never last in a district where teachers are held accountable.  I think that is why she and others stay in the E.S.D. as they know they would be fired in any larger district.  The Madison School district, high schools in particular rank high in state standards academically and well the Evansville School district??   You can not even find them on the map to academic success.


You can find the full school board packet  at

OE June 19 Agenda.pdf—– Open Enrollment Committee.. looking into WHY people are fleeing the E.S.D….

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Finally , maybe the Evansville School district will get some where.     I LOVE THE TWO COMMITTEE MEMBERS THAT WERE CHOSEN.

Melissa and Amanda.

IF ever there were two people who will show results , and figure out why Evansville is losing so many students , they will.


I wonder what administration will do if they come back and report that administration is part of the problem.   Because it is.

What will Jerry Roth do ??      Bury it?    Claim they need to start over ..    that is often what he does when he does not like what he

is being told.


The numbers of families fleeing the district has grown every year for the last 5+ years…   over a million plus is loses the last couple of years.

It’s about attitude and administration has a horrible attitude.


So glad no family is stuck in any district that does not work…   and Evansville does not work.








OE June 19 Agenda.pdf.

June 25 board packet.pdf–111 Liberty St??

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Property at 111 liberty street????  Is for sale and the school was contacted about this?

Does any one else remember when Mr.and Mrs. Willoughby  offered property right next to the middle school?   At a very nice price?

The district needs to decide what they are going to do with that Junior High.   If they are going to build in the next 10 years there is no reason to buy more land.

IF they are only going to remodel and update then  push building new right off the table,   then maybe it should be considered.

There is so very much that needs to be done to that Junior High that I do not know if remodeling really should be an option.

IF only we could see into the future and see what enrollment would look like.




June 25 board packet.pdf.

Parent: Why I can’t ‘in good conscience’ leave my kids in public school

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I will remind everyone that public schools put them selves in that place.   IF schools including, Evansville were not graduating kids who can not read and write at grade level.

Clearly all schools have done it for years.     Public schools have taken money from the government year after year without having to prove they are accomplishing any thing.

They are now being held accountable.   Teacher’s are finally being held accountable.   They do not like it .

What is the best way to measure success of our students?    I am not sure there is one solid answer to that.   But to do nothing is not an option.




Parent: Why I can’t ‘in good conscience’ leave my kids in public school.

Heartbreaking video shows how bullying affects 8-year-old girl; third-grader starts campaign to support bullied kids – NY Daily News

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THIS is the Evansville School District Exactly.   They tell the kids to ignore it.  They tell the kids not to talk about it.( which by the way is illegal, it’s called ‘intimidating a witness.)  They blame the victim.    We know this for a fact as we went to Scott Everson and Brian Cashore over and over and they did nothing.  They did nothing except to tell our daughter to ignore it .   A couple of her friends also went to Cashore and Everson about bullying complaints and were also told to ignore it.  One being threatened with the police.


The Evansville School District, Wi  does a horrible job with bullying issues.  Always has, always will be they are nothing but bullies themselves.


Some teachers and staff at the Evansville High School are also bullies.   They can really be quite cruel.







Heartbreaking video shows how bullying affects 8-year-old girl; third-grader starts campaign to support bullied kids – NY Daily News.

Security and communication from the Evansville School District.

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One of the questions on the recent survey was about how you feel the Evansville School District does a good job communicating.  I believe it also asked how you would want communication from the Evansville School District.??   I think it asked how,  its been a while.

I was telling a friend that I have been absolutely shocked at how  well Madison Schools communicate with parents compared to Evansville.  When there is some thing they want us to know they  email the information to us,  put out a robo call with the information, and mail us a letter.    They are doing their best to miss no one.  Because sadly not everyone has a phone or internet connection.  So they cover it all the way around.  They try to miss no one.

I giggled when I first get the email, then robo call, then a day or two later a letter in the mail.   But at least they are trying.   The Evansville School District has done a poor job of even trying to communicate with parents.

One of the last things that happened while our son was going to McKenna Middle School was it was time for parent teacher conferences.  I had no idea.  Why?  Because we had gotten nothing from them.   When I asked about why I never got a letter I was told  ”  ______ is doing really well , we do not need to see you.  ”    I was stunned.  What if I had questions and wanted to see them?   Parents had no say in this ?

But the point being is I did not even know about parent teacher conferences because no letter came home , no email,   no phone call.

Schools can not just trust kids to bring things home.  They know better than that.    They need to make more of an effort.  It’s not a hard thing to do. They have just never felt the need to do it.   The attitude seems to be the less parents know the better.


I am hoping with a new board members , to back up some of the board members  who have tried to bring change.    It will finally happen.


Recently while talking with one of the principals at Madison West I told them that I feel that my kids are as safe at Madison West  as they ever were in Evansville.

Madison West High School is a school of over 4000 students,   and my kids are as safe or safer than they were in Evansville.

Quite simply they are.    Madison West and other Madison schools put a lot of time and money into security.

From the survey results we know people in Evansville would back security up dates.

What I do not understand is why so many adults/parents have such a hard time of understanding they have to check in at the office before walking any where in the school.

I absolutely hope that the Evansville School District does put in some sort of buzzer/security system so know one gets in to the schools with out some one knowing there is a non-staff/student person in the building.   There are several other security issues they could implement that would not be that expensive .

Like locks on all classroom doors.   When my son and daughter were going to J.C. Mckenna I was surprised to learn teachers could not even lock them selves in their own classroom’s if there was an emergency.

Security is so important I hope if this question ends up on the referendum the people of Evansville fully support it.   How can you not?


April 9 Board Packet.pdf

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April 9 Board Packet.pdf.

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