How important is it to have new dug outs at Lake Leota Park?

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****** This was sent to me , and I was asked to post.

I will,  but not without a couple of thoughts.

  1.  FOR the city to allow them to build new dug outs would be a big mistake and headache. REGARDLESS if they have the money to do it.   They have been warned already what will happen if they do.  There is no way the city can go along with this.
  2. WHOSE bright idea was it to have Lake Leota marked a ‘ historic’ ?   That is just stupid.  What purpose does it serve?  So most people’s yard’s must be considered historic then as well, we are talking about tree’s and dirt. The dirt in your yard is just as old as the dirt at Lake Leota Park.  There are plenty of out buildings around town that are old old, old, those home owners should consider there land historic as well.   Good Grief.


Hello Blue Sox Families,

I know there are many of you wondering what is going on with the dug out saga. Here goes:

In June Mike and I attended a historical meeting where we were told that we would have to write a proposal to the Wisconsin State Historical Society to get the approval to build the dugouts. The reason we had to write the proposal – Lake Leota Park is on the National Register of Historic places (established in 2012) Any changes that we were/are going to make need to be approved.

So, I write the proposal and submit 2 ideas….One dugout made of brick with a roof and one dugout made of wood with a roof, both very nice and something that Mike envisioned for the completion of the project.. The city liaison that I am working with also submitted a plan that involved a dugout with a roof and chain link fencing. It still would like good.

After a VERY long wait from the Wisconsin State Historical Society we got the letter saying that the ideas submitted would cause an ADVERSE EFFECT on the property and because there were no existing dugout there to begin with that is how the park should remain OR we purchase portable dugouts that can be taken up and put down at the start and end of the season. (I know the adverse effect seems very silly, but I understand that the commission is trying to keep the historical integrity of the park intact.)

I attend the Evansville Historical Commission last night to debate the letter sent back to us from the state. There were many interpretations of the letter. Some on the commission felt that if a decision were to be made on the proposed ideas and one of those ideas was implemented, there could be “trouble” with the state commission….to the point where the state could come to the city and say take it all down because we are in violation. ( I will share the memo with you all…I just do not know how to get that on here.)

So, a motion was made to take the following motion to the CITY COUNCIL for the decision…..Either we keep the dugouts as is (open air and with the chain link fence there to keep the kids off the field OR portable dugouts are bought and used.

This is not what I wanted to have happen. I wanted the local commission to decide on the design and move forward. I voiced my opinion about that many times during the meeting. Portable dugouts is not what I envisioned, let alone what the guru of baseball had envisioned.

I still have some research to do. I am again going to be in touch with Chip Brown who wrote the review to clear up so of his muddled thoughts.

BUT here is what I am proposing….We all clear our schedules for the night of Oct. 13 that is when the motion is going to be voted on. Meanwhile, I am going to get together as list of all the names and numbers of the council members and we need to start a back to basics, grassroot campaign of calling them and stating what we feel the lower diamond needs. Safe, usable, dugouts that will add to the beauty of the park AND draw in other teams that will come for tournaments.

So if everyone could just hang tight….I know it is frustrating, I left the meeting very, very upset, but we are following the rules and doing what they ask of us.

I’ll be posting more in the near future. Thanks for your support.


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A ordinance to ban feeding feral cats in Evansville??

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So Evansville is proposing a ordinance that would ban feeding feral cats. That is Evansville for you. Some body has to much time on their hands . What horrible person is suggesting this? People are already posting they have no intention of following it , if it passes. They would never be able to enforce it. Just another anal person in Evansville trying to force their want on others.  Check out the common council agenda.…/Ordinance%202015-01…

Best laugh I have had in a while.. regarding the Evansville School District.

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wpid-20150129_065952_000.jpgwpid-20150129_064156_000.jpgTHEY really have to stop picking Kim Katzenmeyer to lead any discussion on good behavior. She does not know the definition.  I have included part of the Evansville School Boards agenda packet.  Read what good old Kim had to say .  Evidently Kim is part of the employee compensation committee.  The question was asked  ” What makes a good educator? ”   This is what this committee put together in regards to that question. ( see inserts above.” Its all laughable because Kim in particular does not know or follow some of the talking points that put into answering that question.


Like ‘ treating students with dignity.”    She is a horrible teacher,  and very disrespectful to students.   She is known as the ‘ bitch’ around school because of how she treats students.    AS for motivation ?   NO she tells certain students they will never graduate when they do not do what she wants them to.  She bullies them.   That is not motivation.

The teachers in the E.S.D. are very frightened by merit pay.    It will eventually happen and they know it.

Quite of few teachers in the E.S.D. would never make it in a larger school district, example.. .like the Madison School District.   In the Madison School District teachers are held accountable for their words and actions .  Teachers in the Madison School District have to show results and excuses are not tolerated.   Kim Katezenmeyer would never last in a district where teachers are held accountable.  I think that is why she and others stay in the E.S.D. as they know they would be fired in any larger district.  The Madison School district, high schools in particular rank high in state standards academically and well the Evansville School district??   You can not even find them on the map to academic success.


You can find the full school board packet  at

Mr. Anthony Cao, Madison West High School Choral director , named Top Notch Teacher by Channel 3000

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Mr. Anthony Cao , music teacher from Madison West was named teacher of the month by Channel 3000 , Top Notch teacher award.

. Finding words to describe him is near impossible. He not only teaches he also is Chorus master with the Madison Opera he also is the Artistic director for Madison Chamber concert. So happy for him. He us just an awesome teacher, Andy really likes him. We feel very fortunate that he was Andy’s teacher. Madison West is very fortunate to have him. He just brings such excitement and fun to music. He gets the kids and parents so involved. On concert nights there is just an excitement that I have never found at any other high school concert before. Madison West does attract the best.

Mr. Anthony Cao.

Mr. Anthony Cao.

Madison West’s Football Team Rocks!!!

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The  Madison West Football team is having a awe some season.

What is so impressive is the most of the Varsity coaches is most are former Badger players.   Starting with head coach JC Dawkins  .


They treat the young men very well.. with FOOD.. the nights before games .. They will also surprise them with nutritious snacks and sandwiches

after some practices.  They just treat them really well.


We are very proud of   Madison West. .

Vine User Blasts Employees Following Him Around Stores In Best Possible Way

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Excellent idea!




Vine User Blasts Employees Following Him Around Stores In Best Possible Way.

OE June 19 Agenda.pdf—– Open Enrollment Committee.. looking into WHY people are fleeing the E.S.D….

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Finally , maybe the Evansville School district will get some where.     I LOVE THE TWO COMMITTEE MEMBERS THAT WERE CHOSEN.

Melissa and Amanda.

IF ever there were two people who will show results , and figure out why Evansville is losing so many students , they will.


I wonder what administration will do if they come back and report that administration is part of the problem.   Because it is.

What will Jerry Roth do ??      Bury it?    Claim they need to start over ..    that is often what he does when he does not like what he

is being told.


The numbers of families fleeing the district has grown every year for the last 5+ years…   over a million plus is loses the last couple of years.

It’s about attitude and administration has a horrible attitude.


So glad no family is stuck in any district that does not work…   and Evansville does not work.








OE June 19 Agenda.pdf.

June 25 board packet.pdf–111 Liberty St??

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Property at 111 liberty street????  Is for sale and the school was contacted about this?

Does any one else remember when Mr.and Mrs. Willoughby  offered property right next to the middle school?   At a very nice price?

The district needs to decide what they are going to do with that Junior High.   If they are going to build in the next 10 years there is no reason to buy more land.

IF they are only going to remodel and update then  push building new right off the table,   then maybe it should be considered.

There is so very much that needs to be done to that Junior High that I do not know if remodeling really should be an option.

IF only we could see into the future and see what enrollment would look like.




June 25 board packet.pdf.

2 Florida Cops Fired After FBI Ties Them To KKK

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The year is 2014 and we are still dealing with the K.K.K.

What a sad life these men have.









2 Florida Cops Fired After FBI Ties Them To KKK.

Madison West Graduation

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ON June 14th our daughter graduated from Madison West.

During Dr.Ed Holmes speech I learned a few things that made us even prouder of Madison West.

In the graduating class of 2014 at Madison West.


There was

5 students with perfect ACT scores.

20 national merit scholarship finalists

5 students who ranked top in the Nation in Math and Science.

No other school in Wisconsin had more  perfect ACT scores,  MORE National merit scholarship finalists

More students taking tops in Science and Math in the Nation.

Madison West truly is the best.


I am in the process of trying to load the video..   Excellent speech by Dr. Ed Holmes.

Zimmerman’s Lawsuit Against NBC News Thrown Out

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Zimmerman’s Lawsuit Against NBC News Thrown Out –

As it should be.

What did we learn about the Aprina Paul/Nathan Middleton tragedy?

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Nathan Middleton was sentenced to over twenty years in prison yesterday.


Aprina Paul’s death was a tragedy.   She was a beautiful young lady.    She made mistakes .

Nathan Middleton is a troubled person.  Has a criminal history.

What I also learned is how common it is in the Madison area for young girls , high school girls to be having sex for money.

I have heard more and more stories about young high school girls selling them selves.   Why work for 7.25 a hour when you can make 100.00 bucks for a couple of hours work.

It is a very sad, and growing problem.    They either do not think about the dangers or they do not believe it will happen to them.

What is worse is there are men, recruiting these young ladies.    It’s hard to believe in this day and time that are young women are not more aware and educated about the dangers.

Then again like I said some just do not care , or worry.   They think they are invincible.

When I spoke with Aprina Paul’s mom months ago I mentioned the change she could make by speaking to youth groups/women’ s groups about what happened to Aprina.

I hope so day she can find the strength to do that.

Court Issues Landmark Ruling On Teaching Tenure

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They need to get rid of the tenure all over.  There is no solid reason for it.

As the Judge ruled it just protects bad teachers, and tenure is unfair to all students, but mostly low-income.



Court Issues Landmark Ruling On Teaching Tenure –


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We are getting ready for and are so excited for our daughter!!!  She will be graduating on June 14th from Madison West!!!!

So many memories ..  I keep thinking of her the first day of kindergarten.    I told her I was going to pull that picture out for her graduation party.

She does not find that funny.

Madison West has just been such an awe some experience for her.    They offer so much.

It has been such a strong, positive experience for her.

We are very proud of her.    She worked very hard this year to get where she need to go , to reach the goals she has set.




As graduation has gotten closer .  Even though we are no longer in Evansville.   We have talked a lot  about the two classmates that passed away from Evansville.

Two class mates that should have graduated with the Evansville Class of 2014 .

Our hearts break for their families as this must be a very difficult time.


They will continue to be in our thoughts and prays.

Demonic Creature ‘Slender Man’ Motive For Waukesha Teen Stabbing?

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This is so sad and very scary.    We just watched a new story on Skylar Neese, who was murdered by two of her so-called ” friends” .

These girls may only be 12 years old .  But they belong in jail for years and years and years.     I would find it sad to see them moved to juvenile court.

They are not right in the head.   They are a danger to the community.




Demonic Creature ‘Slender Man’ Motive For Waukesha Teen Stabbing?.

Parent: Why I can’t ‘in good conscience’ leave my kids in public school

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I will remind everyone that public schools put them selves in that place.   IF schools including, Evansville were not graduating kids who can not read and write at grade level.

Clearly all schools have done it for years.     Public schools have taken money from the government year after year without having to prove they are accomplishing any thing.

They are now being held accountable.   Teacher’s are finally being held accountable.   They do not like it .

What is the best way to measure success of our students?    I am not sure there is one solid answer to that.   But to do nothing is not an option.




Parent: Why I can’t ‘in good conscience’ leave my kids in public school.

School board chief quits after ‘chubby wubby’ gaffe | News –

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School board chief quits after ‘chubby wubby’ gaffe | News –

Heartbreaking video shows how bullying affects 8-year-old girl; third-grader starts campaign to support bullied kids – NY Daily News

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THIS is the Evansville School District Exactly.   They tell the kids to ignore it.  They tell the kids not to talk about it.( which by the way is illegal, it’s called ‘intimidating a witness.)  They blame the victim.    We know this for a fact as we went to Scott Everson and Brian Cashore over and over and they did nothing.  They did nothing except to tell our daughter to ignore it .   A couple of her friends also went to Cashore and Everson about bullying complaints and were also told to ignore it.  One being threatened with the police.


The Evansville School District, Wi  does a horrible job with bullying issues.  Always has, always will be they are nothing but bullies themselves.


Some teachers and staff at the Evansville High School are also bullies.   They can really be quite cruel.







Heartbreaking video shows how bullying affects 8-year-old girl; third-grader starts campaign to support bullied kids – NY Daily News.

UPDATE: Janesville superintendent apologizes for pro-gay marriag – WKOW 27: Madison, WI Breaking News, Weather and Sports

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Parents should have been advised of this video a head of time.  Give parents the chance to opt their kids out.   That way the community/school/peers  would know whose parents are bigots.

It was at the high school for Pete’s sake,  not kindergarteners.






UPDATE: Janesville superintendent apologizes for pro-gay marriag – WKOW 27: Madison, WI Breaking News, Weather and Sports.

Ed Cox, Richard Nixon’s Son-In-Law And State GOP Chair, Accused Of Voter Fraud

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Interesting the only time lately I have heard about voter fraud, in Wisconsin or not.   It’s been republicans committing the fraud.

Wisconsin on list of top 20 states with highest teacher salaries

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Wisconsin teachers do not have it bad at all. Considering they also get thousands in benefits every year on top of their salaries.  Benefits count for so much any more. To have benefits like they do is huge.   It’s sad some of them do not realize how fortunate they are.




Wisconsin on list of top 20 states with highest teacher salaries:

Shared from Channel 3000 via the mobile app for Android.

Download our mobile apps at:

Security and communication from the Evansville School District.

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One of the questions on the recent survey was about how you feel the Evansville School District does a good job communicating.  I believe it also asked how you would want communication from the Evansville School District.??   I think it asked how,  its been a while.

I was telling a friend that I have been absolutely shocked at how  well Madison Schools communicate with parents compared to Evansville.  When there is some thing they want us to know they  email the information to us,  put out a robo call with the information, and mail us a letter.    They are doing their best to miss no one.  Because sadly not everyone has a phone or internet connection.  So they cover it all the way around.  They try to miss no one.

I giggled when I first get the email, then robo call, then a day or two later a letter in the mail.   But at least they are trying.   The Evansville School District has done a poor job of even trying to communicate with parents.

One of the last things that happened while our son was going to McKenna Middle School was it was time for parent teacher conferences.  I had no idea.  Why?  Because we had gotten nothing from them.   When I asked about why I never got a letter I was told  ”  ______ is doing really well , we do not need to see you.  ”    I was stunned.  What if I had questions and wanted to see them?   Parents had no say in this ?

But the point being is I did not even know about parent teacher conferences because no letter came home , no email,   no phone call.

Schools can not just trust kids to bring things home.  They know better than that.    They need to make more of an effort.  It’s not a hard thing to do. They have just never felt the need to do it.   The attitude seems to be the less parents know the better.


I am hoping with a new board members , to back up some of the board members  who have tried to bring change.    It will finally happen.


Recently while talking with one of the principals at Madison West I told them that I feel that my kids are as safe at Madison West  as they ever were in Evansville.

Madison West High School is a school of over 4000 students,   and my kids are as safe or safer than they were in Evansville.

Quite simply they are.    Madison West and other Madison schools put a lot of time and money into security.

From the survey results we know people in Evansville would back security up dates.

What I do not understand is why so many adults/parents have such a hard time of understanding they have to check in at the office before walking any where in the school.

I absolutely hope that the Evansville School District does put in some sort of buzzer/security system so know one gets in to the schools with out some one knowing there is a non-staff/student person in the building.   There are several other security issues they could implement that would not be that expensive .

Like locks on all classroom doors.   When my son and daughter were going to J.C. Mckenna I was surprised to learn teachers could not even lock them selves in their own classroom’s if there was an emergency.

Security is so important I hope if this question ends up on the referendum the people of Evansville fully support it.   How can you not?


Did you go to see the Addams family ?

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I have only heard, wonderful positive things , and the kids did a fantastic job.   It amazes me for the size of Evansville and truly how little Evansville has to offer.

How time after time they pull off and put on wonderful musicals.  I have said for years that drama/theatre group/bands/art students are some of the most talented around Evansville.

It is the strongest pull to Evansville .



Congratulations to all who participated,  and Congratulations to all who got to go.  Who were lucky enough to get tickets.


A thank you to all who worked behind the scenes to make this possible.

School to prison pipeline.

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I have included the links to a couple of  stories regarding ” school to prison pipe line.”   This issue caught my attention when a petition came onto my Facebook feed.

This happens way more often than most of us realize.   Sadly it happens more to blacks than to whites.    How ever the majority of Evansville High School students are white and so that is all Scott Everson and Brian Cashore have to work with.

Seriously.   I have not heard of any student going to prison from the hijinks and the almight duo of Everson and Cashore.  But the duo call the police a lot.   A lot of the issues at the Evansville High School are caused by Cashore, Everson,  and Katzenmeyer.    They do not seem to know and do not have proper training to deal with kids with mental issues.  They create more problems because of their ignorance and lack of training.

School administration went to the board recently wanting to implement a alternate school.  How ever if administration and Katezmeyer learned how to behave them selves and used some common sense one would wonder how much of a need would there really be for a alternate school?


Parents for years now have complained to the board about cashore and everson but they have done nothing.  How many parents have to complain?

They most certainly do damage.


The story of this young man in the articles is very sad.  He did not deserve what happened to him.  But either do quite a few of the kids at the Evansville High School.

They , Cashore, Everson, Roth, Katzenmeyer sit and pick their noses claiming they do not know why people are fleeing the district.  Why they literally lose millions to open enrollment.

It’s their administration and a few teachers at the Evansville High school that is the main problem.


Google or check out these links to learn more about  the school to prison pipe line.


Thank You Carolyn Veek Courtesy of the Evansville Review. Subject :4K and Lazy Parents.

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IMG_0001                         This is what I have said all along.   LAZY PARENTS THINK they need 4k.   Lazy, Lazy, unmotivated parents.    The only positive thing about Evansville now having 4k is they can STOP talking about 4k.

SO NOW that Evansville has 4k we will all expect and are entitled to see GREAT things.  Top of chart test scores,  responsible, outgoing, social children..  Children graduating early because 4k has just given them that much of a boost.


Because you know 4K  is going to save the world.  O.K.  maybe not the world,  but the Evansville School District.

What a joke.


Thank you to Kelly Gildner as well for publishing that because it’s not to often anymore that she publishes letter to the editors.  She is picky about the letters she publishes.  So thank you to her.



This letter to the editor is from the Evansville Review the week of April 21st 2014

Oregon’s Senior Project. Evansville Should Take A Page.

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So simple.    Easily explained.


My question would be to the Evansville Administration who came up with this hair brain idea.  Do they walk the walk?    That same walk you are asking these kids to do?

I can tell you for a fact a couple of them do not.


Volunteering is a great service anyone can do.  Everyone should do.  Even if its only a couple hours a month.

Many students already do,  have since they were very young.

Church,  Girl Scouts , Boy Scouts.. .  Humane Societies or rescues.

The library,  The Care Closet..  All places I have watched kids volunteering at.


Volunteering is great.    If it  is great for college applications and resumes.  It is great for one’s being.  It’s a gift anyone can give.


It is just some thing so easy to do and no one is that ” busy.”   that they can not find a few hours.


But the way the E.C. S.D. has set up this Senior Project,  is reads and looks like people who themselves had no real idea how to carry out it . I do not blame the teachers who declined one bit to take part in this. There are to many questions administration can’t or won’t answer.


AT the Freshman meeting at Madison West at the start of the year they preached getting your kids into volunteering if they were not already doing so.


My son and his basketball and football teammates have participated in several volunteer programs since the start of the year.

My daughter and I both volunteer at a local animal rescue two Saturday’s a month and she volunteers one afternoon a week at a local nursing home.

It has actually helped her to decide what she wants to do after high school ..


Show and encourage kids the many ways to help , volunteer.   Most kids are just looking and needing that guidance  and will continue to do it long after school is out.


It does not take a ” Senior Project. ”  to give back to the community.. Many students already do.


Now back to our administrators who came up with this handy dandy idea?    They volunteer where?


Link to Oregon’s Senior Project.


April 9 Board Packet.pdf

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April 9 Board Packet.pdf.

April 9 board agenda.pdf

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I will post the packet when they do.


I noticed on this agenda recognition of Mason and Dennis for their time served on the board.

Dennis did a fantastic job while on the board.   It is not a easy job.   HE gave a lot of his time.  Thank you Dennis.   Just a super nice guy.


Mason..   well it was a short run.  But the knowledge he brought to the board was very much needed.   Mason has held a position in public service for years.  For many years at the city level and now the school district.    I want to thank him.   I have had my issues with Mason on different things .  But Mason was always willing to talk to anyone who questioned what the city or school was doing.   People may not like what he had to say/did not agree.  But as far as I know he never turned anyone away that had a question.   He put in many hours and research on different issues.   He deserves our thank you.   I was surprised he did not win another round on the board.   But I also think it was time for some new eyes and voices on the board.   Thank you Mason not just for the time on the board but also your time as a City Alderman.   Thank you to his wife as well because he put in a lot of hours.


They are also having a discussion on a alternative high school education discussion.   CAN we please discuss first the behavior of Scott Everson and Brian Cashore?   IF they maybe behaved and did not stalk and bully kids maybe there would be NO need for this.      Neither one knows how to run a school.

I plan on sharing our personal experience with them in the near future.  A story of night and day.


HOW EVER…    IN MADISON they have many options for students who are not finding success in the regular classroom.  They have classes that start at 8am that go to 3:36.  That is when the majority of kids go.    BUT they also have classes that go from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. ..  they also have regular night school.     Their summer school program is out standing from what I have been told with many options.

I think the biggest question would be how many kids are going to get to go to the alternate school program?   YOU CAN NOT MAKE THEM.. after how they are treated by Scott Everson and Brian Cashore why should they?   


There are so many options out there for getting a high school diploma ..  kids who are stalked and bullied by teachers and administration  do not need the Evansville School district.




April 9 board agenda.pdf.

It was not a dream. The Badgers lost.

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I woke up this a.m.  I realized I was not dreaming .   The Badgers had lost in the final 4.


They had a great season.  We are very proud of them.

What is great for the Badgers is they only should lose 1 player to graduation.

Just a great season.  Great play off run.

Great coach.

Very proud.

Congratulations to Melissa Hammann !!!!

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I have told her since she announced she was running for school board,  this was her year!!!

She brings a wealth of knowledge to the school board,  I have said it before and I will again,  NO ONE knows that better than her the school budget,  maybe Doreen Treuden but just a snag. But just as likely its a tie.

Melissa is one smart lady,  and works with facts and figures and is not one to ‘ go along’ , but go with what is right.


CONGRATULATIONS Melissa   so very excited for her!!!!


SO Mason  Braunschweig lost.  I have to say that surprises me,  I was surprised.    I think it really surprised Mason.    I have different thoughts on Mason.

HOWEVER   Mason has given of his time and knowledge to the city for years and the last year to the school.    He deserves a  Thank You for that.

I think it’s probably going to be the first time in years that Mason has not been involved in city/school politics in years.    It will be different for him .    He does deserve a Thank You and so does his wife .   He put in a lot of time a way from home.


Thank you for your time Mason.


Third Time Is The Charm for ParkView School District.

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Parkview voters yesterday said yes to exceeding the spending cap, AND remodeling/upgrading certain schools.


This is the third time this has gone to referendum in the last few years.  Four of the last five referendums have been shot down.   So anyone thinking referendums are slam dunks.   ASK ParkView.

Now the waiting game is on to see if this will plug the hole in their declining enrollment , as they claim icky buildings is part of the problem.


Vote April 1st.

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MH370 Families Might Get Millions, If They’re American – NBC

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MH370 Families Might Get Millions, If They’re American – NBC

The Fatal Flaw of the Common Core Standards | Diane Ravitch

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The Fatal Flaw of the Common Core Standards | Diane Ravitch.

School Scoop: Update to the School Perceptions Update

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School Scoop: Update to the School Perceptions Update.

I am so excited for Melissa Hammann.. Evansville Education Association endores her for school board.

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So Excited!!!!  Congrats Melissa!!!

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer expected to veto ‘religious freedom’ bill –

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There is no reason for this law at all.  NONE.. It was just created and supported by a bunch of ignorant bigots.

AS it is a business can refuse to serve anyone they please.   They do not need a law that gives them permission to discriminate.

It’s funny to see some of those law makers who first supported this turn tail and run..  They realize now this proposed law is just a very bad idea.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer expected to veto ‘religious freedom’ bill –

February 26 Board Packet.pdf

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Already seeing teacher resignations coming in for the end of the year.



February 26 Board Packet.pdf.

Stoughton School District hooked on referendums, will the Evansville School District follow?

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With certain items more than likely going to referendum in the next year for the Evansville school district,  it was interesting to hear that the Stoughton school district already has a referendum on the ballot for April 1st.   Stoughton just had a referendum in 2010.   WHY is Stoughton  having another referendum?   Because they seem to think they can not run , with out more money.  In the 4 years since the last Stoughton school district referendum they have:

  • Eliminated another 11 positions
  • Refinanced debt
  • Held down health insurance premiums
  • Continued energy efficiency improvements

Before they held the referendum in 2010 they :  *** from their web page...

Prior to 2010 referendum, we reduced expenses by $3.5 million through steps such as:

  • Eliminated 68 positions
  • Closed Yahara Elementary School
  • Instituted energy efficiency improvements



What has the district done with the money from the 2010 referenda?


The community in 2010 supported both an operational and a maintenance referendum. The maintenance referendum enabled us to address critical repair needs, and we were able to stretch those dollars even further by acting as our own project manager instead of hiring a firm to do that work for us.


The operational referendum allowed us to withstand historic cuts in state funding and yet improve the quality of education we provide. Some of the highlights include:

  • Built 97% graduation rate — one of the best in the county
  • Boosted ACT to their highest in almost two decades
  • Expanded college credit options
  • Strengthened workforce development programs
  • Partnered with MIT and local foundations and businesses to build state-of-the-art digital fabrication laboratory
  • Gained national recognition for our innovative inclusive teaching approach


SAD THAT EVANSVILLE IS UNLIKELY TO DO ANY OF THESE THINGS WITH THE REFERENDUM MONEY.   I will also add that Stoughton has a excellent Science program at their high school.


They ~ Stoughton ~ are ‘ threatening to cut 33 staff positions and programs such as reading intervention/early reading programs if this referendum does not pass.

The question many are asking is , are they going to be back in another 4 years asking for more money?   Maybe they should be making these staff cuts.  Clearly if they are threatening to make staff cuts they have thought about what they would do with out these staff members.

OR is it like in Evansville when Evansville started laying off teachers in the last few years they found as they looked at class numbers ,  they were a tad over staffed.

That the number of students in some classes did not support having that class anymore.   That some teachers were being paid FULL TIME  wages when really they only ” Worked”   part-time,  it terms of how many classes they actually had.

Some of this ‘ over staffing’ was because of declining enrollment , some was because no one had really paid attention to the class numbers in a long time.

SO is Evansville going to have to go to referendum in another few years because they have not learned how to budget or make cuts on the money they have.  WITH declining enrollment there is no good excuse for this.

I WAS glad to see the numbers on the survey for the question would you support “

–Additional funding to retain and attract employees: 49 percent said “yes,” 27 percent said “no,” and 24 percent were undecided/needed more information. – See more at: ..
THAT leaves 51% of people who would not commit to paying more to retain and attract employees..  NOR should they, that money should come from the budget because after the referendum money runs out HOW are you going to keep paying them?
AS I was told people who vote undecided/ need more information tend to vote NO on referendums.    This” additional funding” like the ” police liaison should be dead.
The person who told me that people who vote undecided/need more information usually vote no, is some one who does this for a living,  I believe that this information was relayed to Jerry Roth and the school board as well.
Schools have to learn to budget and live on what they have, especially with declining enrollment.    I will say some of these maintenance issues, and need for updated curriculum are things that should have been done years ago.  WHY have they board/administration  been putting so much money in the fund balance instead of fixing and purchasing the things they need.
Once again congrats to those who took the time to fill out the survey.   It’s the same as voting , you do not get to complain if you do not participate.

GazetteXtra | Evansville committee to recommend three referendum questions

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That was a nice impressive turn out of survey’s filled out.

I absolutely love that

A $900,000 referendum for curriculum/textbooks: 64 percent said “yes,” 19 percent said “no,” and 17 percent were undecided/needed more information. – See more at:”””””
That was the highest percentage of YES votes of the questions asked.
IT also looks like people are in favor of maintenance  that came in at 49% said yes.   That is very good.
I LOVE that those who filled out the survey are kicking to the curb the request for a Police liaison.   LIKE I and many have said all along.  Make your administration behave and then you will see change.   
55% said YES to upgrading security,  which they need to do.
LOVE how athletics rounded out at the bottom of the list in terms of importance.  
I wonder if people had been given a clue about how much 4K was going to cost if they would have voted to support it??? That was a bit deceiving.  
HOW ever I think its probably time for Evansville to go the way of 4k.   I want to see them take it from the balance fund .  WHY have all that money in there? 
So I hope the board if/when approves 4k it comes from the balance fund .
IT shows those who filled out the survey KNOW true priorities.
TRY the link below for the entire story.  HOW EVER if it does not let you read it.. DO not pay for a subscription of all things JUST type in the article title
in another window and it will take you to a version you do not have to pay to read.   IT most certainly is not worth the 29.00 a month to read.
A $900,000 referendum for curriculum/textbooks: 64 percent said “yes,” 19 percent said “no,” and 17 percent were undecided/needed more information. – See more at:


GazetteXtra | Evansville committee to recommend three referendum questions.

Evansville High and the Addams Family.

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**** This sounds like so  much fun!!    They always put on a awe some show!!



Just announced! Evansville High will be the first high school in the nation to produce The Addams Family! May 1-4, 2014. When Wednesday falls in love with a “normal” boy and invites him and his parents over for dinner, things change for the Addams family and no one seems to know quite what to do about it.


The weird and wonderful family comes to devilishly delightful life in THE ADDAMS FAMILY. This magnificently macabre new musical comedy is created by Jersey Boys authors Marshall Brickman & Rick Elice, Drama Desk Award winner Andrew Lippa (The Wild Party), choreographer Sergio Trujillo (Jersey Boys), and Olivier Award-winning original directors and designers Phelim McDermott & Julian Crouch (Shockheaded Peter) with direction by four-time Tony Award® winner Jerry Zaks.

THE ADDAMS FAMILY features an original story, and it’s every father’s nightmare. Wednesday Addams, the ultimate princess of darkness, has grown up and fallen in love with a sweet, smart young man from a respectable family. A man her parents have never met. And if that weren’t upsetting enough, she confides in her father and begs him not to tell her mother. Now, Gomez Addams must do something he’s never done before — keep a secret from his beloved wife, Morticia. Everything will change for the whole family on the fateful night they host a dinner for Wednesday’s “normal” boyfriend and his parents.

Come meet the family. We’ll leave the lights off for you.



Zimmerman Won’t Say He Regrets Killing Trayvon Martin

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Zimmerman Won’t Say He Regrets Killing Trayvon Martin –

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Miranda Barbour, accused in Craigslist slaying, claims more victims –

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GazetteXtra | Let’s applaud academic achievements, too

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When I picked my son up from basketball practice the other night from Madison West.  I noticed a few buses.  I counted 8 buses.  I asked my son  ..

” Why are these buses here at this time of night? ”  It was a little after 7 o’ clock.     He said  ‘ oh that’s the mathletes.”    After talking with him a bit longer I found out there was a math competition going on at West that night and its a common thing for them to have competitions.    I asked him if they the students from the math program that take part in this like being called ” mathletes.”

He said no one he knows minds it in fact the kids he knows on the math team like it.  It was clear from talking with my son that the mathletes get just as much if not more respect than any ‘ athlete.’  .  Because its true that with math not everyone can do it,  either you are good at it or you are not.

Mathletes.. pretty darn neat!!!

I really like the fact that Madison West has more academic clubs than athletic programs.

Madison West has had some athletes go on to play in the N.B.A.  and the N.F.L.    but they have had many more kids excel and reach ‘ celebrity’ status because of their academic accomplishments than the athletic accomplishments.

Academics must come first.

Applaud those schools who put academics first.

( hint Evansville does not put academics first.)

GazetteXtra | Let’s applaud academic achievements, too.

Black Twitter Shows Off The #DangerousBlackKids America Should Fear

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What is the deal with Florida letting all these people, white people off for killing young black men.  Florida is sending a clear message want to kill a black man?  go to Florida you will get a way with it.

Some have said this prosecutor over reached.  She had charged him with murder one.   To me murder one says premeditation .  I do not think he, Michael Dunn,  went to that gas station intending to kill anyone.  They should have charged him with the lesser murder charge that would have been more fitting.

Regardless he is going to prison on the other charges.   The prosecutor has already said she will re-try him.

Black Twitter Shows Off The #DangerousBlackKids America Should Fear.

New movie takes aim at how bullying victims become shooters | News –

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Evansville schools have a horrible bullying issues and have never really done any thing to stop it.   ” oh Johnny just ignore them.  ”  Really ?  Putting the bulk of responsibility to deal with bullying on the victim.  But that is what Evansville does.

I can honestly can say since moving to Madison,  our kids have found no bullying.  My daughter who was often the victim of bullying has not been bothered by bullying at all since she started at Madison West.

It’s  not to say there is not bullying , of course there is.     It is to say for her it’s been like night and day in terms of not being bullied at Madison West.    Maybe it is because the school is so much bigger and the kids there have lives and are more accepting .

Then again there was never a reason for her to be bullied , but in Evansville these kids are not held accountable for bullying so it never stopped.

Remember when Scott Everson and Brian Cashore threw  a tantrum about kids using the word ‘ tractor’  or ‘ corn’ .       Yet they would allow the girls to call each other whore and slut without blinking.   But gawd forbid you say the word ” corn.”  or ” tractor” .

There was a time   that a young man was being bullied to the point of another young man taking a swing at him.   Who did the mighty duo of cashore/eversson suspend??   The kid who was being bullied.

Just horrible priorities in the Evansville school district,.  ..    I have had a couple different doctors tell me they have heard horrible bullying stories from Evansville kids for years.

Just horrible , horrible priorities and examples in the Evansville school district.

New movie takes aim at how bullying victims become shooters | News –

Darren Sharper charged with rape in California | FOX Sports on MSN

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I understand rape is about anger and control.   But I still do not understand how he could have done this.  Sadly I am sure they are correct there is a DNA connection and there is proof of some sort of drug in these women’s systems.   But how does one go from a stand out , pro foot ball player to an accused serial rapist?

It’s easy to want to say these women are just after his money.  But DNA is DNA.

He seemed to have it all..   A former NFL player, Pro bowl 5x.   former Packer,  good-looking, and money, money, money…..  HE blew it.

So sad.

Darren Sharper charged with rape in California | FOX Sports on MSN.

Texas Sports Anchor Delivers Jaw-Dropping Speech On Gay NFL Players (UPDATE)

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Michael Sam

I do not understand why people think they need to tell anyone.  It’s your business and no one else.

I look forward to the day when this will be a non-story.

I hope he does really well in the draft!!

Best of luck to him..



Texas Sports Anchor Delivers Jaw-Dropping Speech On Gay NFL Players (UPDATE).

Your Views: From the Janesville Gazette- Math education system failing

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Your Views: Math education system failing Janesville students
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Letter to the editor
Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Mathematics education at the high school level in the Janesville School District is weak and ineffective. Large numbers of high school mathematics students are unprepared for the rigors of post-secondary education.

Implementation of curriculum-based assessments and cumulative unit evaluations, and pressure for ACT preparations have negatively affected the high school curriculum to no fault of classroom educators. ACT scores continued to fall for the past several years.

The integrated movement has students reviewing, practicing and taking assessments at the sacrifice of the course curriculum. A conservative estimate is that 17 percent to 27 percent of teaching time in each class is lost. The goal of higher test achievement is not reached because the concept was not mastered in the first place. The block schedule has decreased instructional time annually by 900 minutes per class.

The central administration requires and dictates a timetable. Teachers cannot teach their classes and curriculum in sequential order. Teachers must follow these directives if they want to remain employed. Reinforcement of a skill for a struggling student is not possible because of lost teaching time, and enrichment is non-existent.

The Janesville district needs a change in direction. Taxpayers must seek changes from the school board. This downward spiral should be stopped, or high school students will continue to be unprepared for the future. Do not let the district continue on this backward slide but rather move forward.


Certified mathematics educator

– See more at:

The Big and the Small of it.

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So it’s been a while since have posted.  Many messages asking where are you?  What is going on ?

I have most definitely been around.  Not far.

The biggest change is my son who is a Junior in high school has been attending  West HIgh School in Madison since his freshman year.  It was a change long over due and I wish we had made the move years earlier.

It has been such a big change both in the size of the school , the quality of the education he is getting and over all just the over all atmosphere at Madison West, in the Madison School district.

I long had known that the Evansville School district was not a good school but I did not realize how really bad of a district it was until we moved.

The qualtiy of teachers is at the very top, the curriculum and choices in curriculum are outstanding.  So many choices.  They hae been doing a outstanding job getting him ready for college.   He has had so many more opportunities than Evansille could ever think about offering.

What about safety one might ask?   I have never questioned or worried about saftey in the Madison Schools.   There has never been a issue.

My sister’s  kids still our in the Evansville distirct so I follow things closely.  Its sad to say nothing has changed in the Evansville school district.





Ferrets Bite Baby’s Face; Parents: ‘It’s Not Our Fault’

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Ferrets Bite Baby’s Face; Parents: ‘It’s Not Our Fault’ –

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