The Big and the Small of it.

So it’s been a while since have posted.  Many messages asking where are you?  What is going on ?

I have most definitely been around.  Not far.

The biggest change is my son who is a Junior in high school has been attending  West HIgh School in Madison since his freshman year.  It was a change long over due and I wish we had made the move years earlier.

It has been such a big change both in the size of the school , the quality of the education he is getting and over all just the over all atmosphere at Madison West, in the Madison School district.

I long had known that the Evansville School district was not a good school but I did not realize how really bad of a district it was until we moved.

The qualtiy of teachers is at the very top, the curriculum and choices in curriculum are outstanding.  So many choices.  They hae been doing a outstanding job getting him ready for college.   He has had so many more opportunities than Evansille could ever think about offering.

What about safety one might ask?   I have never questioned or worried about saftey in the Madison Schools.   There has never been a issue.

My sister’s  kids still our in the Evansville distirct so I follow things closely.  Its sad to say nothing has changed in the Evansville school district.





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