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Almost time for Open Enrollment! ??

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Parents, please note, the Open Enrollment application period is February 3 – April 30, 2014
The application period closes at 4:00 p.m. on April 30, 2014. Late applications will not be accepted for any reason.

The Public School Open Enrollment application period for the 2014-15 school year is from February 3 to April 30, 2014. Parents must submit applications to the non-resident school district. All districts are encouraging parents to apply on-line at Parents do not need to reapply each year. Parents do not need to reapply when going into Middle or High School.

All applications, questions, and inquiries should be directed to Linda Gard, at or call 608-882-3385.

Open Enrollment Brochure 14-15″

Late applications will not be accepted for any reason.”

Really no late applications will be accepted for any reason?   Really?    You would think from the way this is written that the E.S.D. has control over the law.

It would not be the first time the E.S.D. has broken the law.   It is very much a district of ‘ do as I say , not as I do.”

The fact is families  can open enroll at any time through the school year , for any reason.    So the comment that late application will not be accepted is total crap.

Families are no longer stuck in the Evansville School District.  It is a very dysfunctional district and lacks any real curriculum , and the fail to get kids ready for college.

( Some kids are just naturally gifted and have been college ready because of their own discipline, not because of any thing they might catch at the high school.Oh hell some of them are smarter than the teachers.)

I was looking over reports on the school website,  100+ kids open enrolled out this last year.  That does not include the families  who home school which is over 50+ families in the district who home school.  That does not also include the families who intentionally moved so their kids could go to a better school and get a decent education.   The numbers grow every year and will continue to grow until real changes are made.

And sorry folks real change is not 4k.   Only 9% of the people surveyed left Evansville because of no 4k.  That is a very small amount.

How ever  36% of those surveyed left because of lack of curriculum/challenging curriculum at the higher grades.

Take advantage of Open enrollment,  bigger schools offer so much more.    We did not realize how bad the Evansville school district was until we moved and saw how real schools run and what they offer.

Ontario mom urges schools to let asthmatic kids carry puffers – Ottawa – CBC News

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This is such a sad story because it was 100% preventable.  Evansville is not a lot better.  One can have a note from the Dr. stating how and when they are to use it, and the Gym teacher at J.C. Mckenna refuses to let the student go get their inhaler when they need it.

Just pure ignorance in Evansville schools.  The teachers and administration like to think they know better than everyone including the doctors.

Ontario mom urges schools to let asthmatic kids carry puffers – Ottawa – CBC News.


GazetteXtra | Milton schools taxpayers give nod to surplus budget

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GazetteXtra | Milton schools taxpayers give nod to surplus budget.

IMAGINE THAT..  a surplus!!!   Evansville should take a few lessons.

NO I did not pay to read this, found a away around having to pay.  I will not pay for any thing from this paper.


What I found most amazing is normally they get 200-250 people to these budget meetings.  WOW…  That is a lot for a town that size.

IT is true Evansville residents have shown very little interest in the budget meetings compared to Milton.  THEN again the school district needs to do a better job of advertising this meeting.

PUTTING it in the Evansville Review is not good enough,  more people DO NOT subscribe to that thing, than do.  

***** If this link does not allow you to read the full article, we have shared it to our Facebook page.





The turnout for the annual budget meeting, which normally numbers 200 to 250 residents, was far more modest this year. Thirty residents turned out this year, with 28 voting to approve the tentative budget – See more at:

Milton schools taxpayers give nod to surplus budget

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Neil Johnson
October 1, 2013

Tim Schigur

MILTON—At the Milton School District’s annual budget meeting Monday, Superintendent Tim Schigur referred to this year in the district as “The Big Year of The Awesome.”

It may be easy to have that kind of spirit when your school district’s finances appear to have stabilized.

On Monday, district taxpayers gave the nod to a tentative 2013-14 budget that includes a 3.3-percent tax levy increase. The district, for the first time in the last several school years, is boasting a tentative budget surplus of $213,000.

After learning this summer that the state would kick in $150 extra per student for equalization aid rather than freezing aid, the district’s budget picture brightened to the tune of more than $800,000. That has allowed the district to add back almost all of the dozen staff cuts it imposed earlier this year, when officials feared a large budget gap.

The district’s improving finances also has allowed it to sock away $1.1 million extra in the general fund balance, business services Director Mary Ellen Van Valin said Monday.

Schigur said it’s nice to cruise into a school year without the painful specter of a money shortfall—an issue that’s plagued many districts for the past two school years because of massive school funding cuts in the last state biennial budget.

“When you can go in at a budget plus, there isn’t that pressure. We know we’re probably not going to be in money-loss mode,” Schigur said. “So, we’re not saying, ‘OK, what’s the program that’s going to have to be cut or reduced?’ On this side of the ledger, it’s, ‘OK, how do we now grow or evolve.’ That’s awesome. It changes our demeanor.”

The board is set to vote on the final budget Oct. 28.

Schigur said that, for now, the district will hold onto its extra cash and waits for those figures to come in. However, he said the district plans to look into jumping ahead on capital improvements, and moving on further upgrades to district technology.

Schigur also said the district will review staffing through the year to decide if it needs more assistance to meet federal and state mandates and district guidelines for learning and achievement.

“We’re holding cash back right now, but maybe there are some spot interventions at some of the grade levels we can improve upon,” he said. “We’ll figure out how to best assist kids as we go.”

At Monday’s meeting, resident Tom Neuenschwander asked about staff turnover in the district. That turnover this summer included 48 teacher retirements as staff opted out while the last year of their contracts expired. Meanwhile, 20 other teachers resigned or left for other districts.

Neuenschwander asked why the district went from spending 47 percent of its overall budget on staff to 45 percent.

Schigur explained that the decrease comes mostly from new staff hires coming in at a lower cost than outgoing staff.

The district held its annual meeting about a month later than usual this year, which some district administrators said allowed finance staff to get a better handle on its numbers.

The board asked residents for the option of holding the meeting until later in the fall next year, with board member Bob Cullen saying it would offer the district more flexibility to crunch budget numbers. That would give people more meaningful information to chew on, he said.

The turnout for the annual budget meeting, which normally numbers 200 to 250 residents, was far more modest this year. Thirty residents turned out this year, with 28 voting to approve the tentative budget.

That’s likely attributable to a modest budget surplus for once—but based on the number of field combines rolling up dust and soybeans in crop fields around Milton, it’s possible some district taxpayers had other matters to attend to.

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– See more at:

School Scoop: Board Packet Finally Available for Tonight’s Meeting at 6 PM in the Board and Training Center

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The Evansville school district administration is so full of hog…….  got caught in a bit of a lie did you Jerry?  No surprise.



School Scoop: Board Packet Finally Available for Tonight’s Meeting at 6 PM in the Board and Training Center.

IS the Evansville school district finally understanding parts of open enrollment?

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At the May 13th school board meeting they discussed the results from the open enrollment period.   It was a relief to see they are finally understanding they can not take every single applicant who applies to come into the district.   k-5 they do not have the room, and denied any applicant because of class sizes.

Grades k-5 and grades 9-12 any special education applicant would be denied because of the ability of the district to offer services.  They have their hands full now with the case load they have.

They have a hard time providing the required services they should give for the kids they have.  Thank goodness they finally understand that, they can not handle any more.  Take care of the kids you have.

Evansville once again got spanked in terms of how many are coming in to the district and how many want the heck out.   No student should have to stay ever, when a school can not offer what they need or want.


School Referendum was discussed at Monday night meeting. Let them talk.

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possible school referendum was discussed at the Monday night school board meeting.   At this point they are just talking.   Let them talk.

I think some one should point out to Jerry Roth the reason Heidi Carvin never pursued this was because she knew it was not going to pass.   He would be wise to be very careful how he approaches this subject.

When the R word was first mentioned several weeks ago  I gave the reasons for why I would vote yes .   But there are just as many reasons I would vote no.

Kathy Swanson at Monday nights board meeting pointed out residents are not going to likely vote for this referendum if they do not feel the district has done every thing they can to avoid a referendum.      The truth is .   They have not.     They do need to cut teachers do to declining enrollment.

IF they cut out the block schedule at the Junior High it will save money.     It is also better for students as they need to have math , science and reading daily.  Not every 2nd to 3rd day.

They do not get it daily with the block schedule.

So the district needs to prove it self.   That they has been responsible and done every thing it can.   At this point they have not.    Jerry Roth should probably not compare the fact that Albany and Brodhead both passed referendums because that is just going to make people look and see Brodhead and Albany also pay considerably lower taxes already.   They could afford a referendum far easier than Evansville.

HE would also be very wise to NOT drag 4k in as part of this referendum.  There has always been more opposition to 4k than for it in Evansville.  Trying to tie the two together in this referendum if there is one could kill it before it ever starts.

We are near the top of the list for amount paid in school taxes for the county.   Taxes will go up again this year because of the school and yes of the course that the city just keeps spending and has brought absolutely no industry into Evansville in years.

SO LET THEM talk.    That is all it.   BUT if they are going to send out surveys.   SEND them to all not choice hand-picked homes.

IF they decide to go ahead they will have an up hill battle..   So let them talk.

Nostalgia: 2007: Evansville Schools consider; reject online instruction

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What a HUGE mistake they made by rejecting this.    It has most definitely back fired on them.

The Evansville School District is most certainly stuck right now.  While other districts grow and offer more and more.

Our numbers are declining and we are offering less and less.


We need leadership on the board and in administration and we do not have it.


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