So excited we are going to go see President Obama!!!!!


So excited!!!!!!!   Our kids are excited as well which is nice to see!

President Obama will be in Milwaukee tomorrow!!!



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  1. Well, tell us about the trip to see Obama!

  2. chasinthenews Says:

    Sadly we did not go because my youngest had been very sick during the week with a virus and asthma issues and I just could not see taking him and standing out side in that nasty weather, cold, rain that we had on Saturday.. I was pretty bummed. But as any parent knows we do not always get to do the things we want to, right!!

    As Saturday approached I kept hoping the weather would turn around and be nicer but no such luck.

    We are hoping he comes to Madison like he did last time.

    But Jermichael Finley was there!!! Another reason to be bummed I did not get to see him as was Desmond Bishop from the Packers!!

    But way to cold to stand out side for hours with a kid getting over being sick!!!

    Fingers crossed he comes to Madison.

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