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Rumor is Matt Flynn is back!

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I heard on the news this a.m. that the Green Bay Packers have once again signed Matt Flynn.  I am very glad to hear this.  There has been speculation that Matt Flynn’s arm is messed up and that is why he has been released from every team he has played for this year.  I would like to think the Packers would not sign a hurt player regardless of the history.


In all fairness Seneca Wallace and Scott Tolzien both did a good job considering how little reps either get to take . I think Scott Tolzien looks very impressive.  I hope they keep him around.


But really the blame falls on Packer management.  For months now people have asked ” What happens if some thing happens to Aaron Rodgers? ”   What would our record be with out Aaron Rodgers.   It has become very clear Aaron Rodgers is this team.  When Aaron Rodgers went out with the injury against the Bears it’s was like everyone was lost.   The offense has done nothing the last two weeks and the defense oh my goodness they have forgotten how to tackle!!   They have looked horrible.


During the game on Sunday the analysts said the John Kuhn was our EMERGENCY back up quarter back!   Good Grief !


I am not sure what the plans are for Matt Flynn but I would love to see him on the field before we lose any more games.


English: Green Bay Packers starting quarterbac...

English: Green Bay Packers starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers runs off Lambeau Field into the tunnel amid a standing ovation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)







So long Greg Jennings… The Packer’s can do better.

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I do not care for diva’s and Greg Jennings over the last two years ( some would argue and say earlier than two years) he has become a diva.  He probably always was .   He is not worth the money he demanded.  He is getting older, he has been injury plagued the last two years.  He has been a negative presence in the locker room and showed a disrespect for the Packer’s and his fellow team mates, especially Aaron Rodgers.

Greg Jennings is only good with a good QB, Christian Ponder is NOT a  good QB.   He is not even close.

When looking for Greg Jennings in January.  Check his house.   He will be home watching the Packer’s in the play offs wondering why he ever wore purple.

Good Riddance!!!

The team I wanted to win , WON!!!!!

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I tried telling my self I did not care who won the Super Bowl.    Why should I ?    Our Packer’s were not playing so it did not matter.

But it did.    I very much wanted the Ravens to win.   I think Ray Lewis is Awe Some on and off the field.    I am very happy for him that his career ended with a Super Bowl win.

I could have wanted the San Fransico Forty- Niners to win, that way we could say the team that beat the Packer’s in the play offs won the Super Bowl.    They did not deserve it.  They are , or should I say were very arrogant.

Just some of their comments along the way to the Super Bowl, and then comments during the week made by certain players.  I do believe they fully expected to win.

Kaepernick actually looked rattled in the first half.   That was the first time I ever noticed him looking less than confident.    I loved it.   I did not see him kissing his biceps last night did you?

Like the Packer’s at times , the Raven let San Fran come right back in the game.  But the Raven’s defense was better and it showed last night.  The Ravens wanted it more!

I also can not stand the coach of the 49’s.    He just comes off as such a spoiled loon.   Tantrums on the side line by him, do not help him.

It was a great game and our entire house hold was very happy with the outcome..


Congrats to the Ravens , Ray Lewis and all their purple fans!!

Dom Capers needs to answer for Saturday night’s game.

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Why did Dom Capers not have a plan to deal with Colin Kaepernick?

He had weeks to put together a defensive plan a to deal with this very elusive running quarterback.  It was embarrassing to think this was the same defense that the week before did  a excellent job containing Adrian Peterson.This  week they looked confused and lost out on the field.

The one problem that I’ve always had with Dom Capers is we never know which defense is going to show up from week to week.

Dom capers is a very good defensive coordinator he is very good.  But he has some definite weaknesses> I don’t understand why they cannot come up with some changes before halftime to help deal with Mr. Kaepernick.

But in all fairness that was not the only problem the Green Bay Packers had on Saturday night.  We had the interception we had the muffed punt, we cannot seem to move the ball like we should have , at times it looked as though we forgot how to tackle.  It looks like a different team than from the week before.  At times it looked like they were getting out-of-the-way of Kaepernick so he could run.

It was nice to see Donald Driver activated.   They had him on special teams?    Glad to see him out there but that was odd.. IT WAS VERY DISRESPECTFUL  they did not allow him to play in his last home game as a Packer.

Several of our key players also had the flu.  How many of us go to work with the flu?

We also have many things to be grateful for.  The  GREEN BAY PACKERS had a excellent season.  They made the play offs again.  They dominated the division.   Division champs again!

Next year will be a great year!  We have a team to be very proud of.

Go Packer’s!!!

The Packer’s ROLL all over the Vikings

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I am so excited about the Packer WIN!!!! WE would have kicked the vikings asx with or with out ponder! There was no way Ponder and clearly Joe Webb were going to keep up with the best QB in the NFL on his home field.

AS for Jarod Allen YOU are old, over rated, arrogant and an asx! So glad to see you going home where you belong!!!! There was a lot of arrogance last night pre-game from their head coach to the players so it made the win even sweeter. They have never been as good as they seem to think they are, without AP, they have nothing. Good job by the Packer’s last night putting a stop to him.

I am very sad about Donald Driver. Seeing him on the side line in street cloths, knowing that will probably be the last time we see Donald on the Packer’s side line in Green Bay. He is just a class act, a great player, and to top it off very good looking man, gorgeous smile! I am really going to miss him, great if he has one more year but I just do not think he will. He will be missed!


I have cheered for Mason Crosby.

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Mason Crosby has been with the Packer’s since 2007.   He has given us many good years and kicks.     In turn I think Mike McCarthy and Packer Fans have been more than patient with him this year.

I feel bad for him because being a kicker is not easy.   I could not do it , could you?

However this year I find my self saying a little pray before he kicks any thing.

There is just something in his head this year that he can not shake.

I think the Packers, Mike McCarthy seriously have to look at bringing in a kicker,  now,  before the play offs.   We can not lose a play off game , because our kicker is in a ” slump” .

The way Packer’s like to play close games  a game may come down to a field goal.    I  at this point would not want Mason Crosby kicking that 3 pointer in a play off game.

We are lucky he has not cost a game yet and that may be why McCarthy has not done any thing yet.    But did you notice McCarthy’s body language on the side line after Mason missed the second kick yesterday?   I think his patience may be gone.

Did you also see Jay Cutler’s temper tantrum on the side line yesterday after he threw that interception?  I forgot for a minute that Jay Cutler is a grown man and a professional football player.


The good news is the PACKER”S beat Chicago again . We won the division.  AGAIN.

GO Packer’s !!!

Now that was our Packers!!!!!

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English: Green Bay Packers starting quarterbac...

English: Green Bay Packers starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers runs off Lambeau Field into the tunnel amid a standing ovation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This was the game we all had been waiting for.   For the Packer’s to dominate like we knew they could.

I will tell you that it did not matter how much they were up by until that clock said 00:00 at the end of the fourth quarter I was taking nothing for granted.

They just looked like it finally all fell into place last night.    They made a huge statement,  in a big game!

It felt good that it was our Packer’s who beat the unbeaten!

We all know they are better than their record they just had to find a way to put it together.

Please any one if you can.   Why do teams or certain players feel the need to celebrate when their team is losing.

Example:  J.J. Watt.   When he sacked Rodgers and did the belt and then his ” salute”  .   We were like  –  O.K.. Mr.Watt please look at the score board.

You might want to wait on the celebrating.   He looked silly.

J.J. Watt a former Badger got schooled last night and should have held off the celebrating.

Way to go Packers!!!

On to next Sunday.


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