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It was not a dream. The Badgers lost.

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I woke up this a.m.  I realized I was not dreaming .   The Badgers had lost in the final 4.


They had a great season.  We are very proud of them.

What is great for the Badgers is they only should lose 1 player to graduation.

Just a great season.  Great play off run.

Great coach.

Very proud.


The U.W. Men’s Badger Basketball team.

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For those who think I have no filter.    HA !   You are wrong.   I did not write this on Friday because I had nothing nice to say about the U.W. Men’s Basketball team.

So I waited until the disappointment subsided a little.

Good Grief.     What happened to all that energy they showed in the Big 10 Championship tournament?    They just looked like they were all sick or something.

Very disappointing.     It was not a fun game to watch.   Very painful.

HOW ever they had a great season.   They do amaze me how well they do year after year.      Love Bo Ryan.

Congratulations to the U.W. Men’s Basketball team  on a great season.    Congratulations to Bo Ryan on being named Big 10 coach of the year.

Marquette is still in it, barely.   So we still have a home State team to cheer for!


I can not wait for next season and all the great things the Badgers will do.

Go Badgers!

Happy Sunday! Today is the Badgers day!!!

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They have just played so well in the Big 10 tourney!!     It looks like they play today at 02:30 p.m.!!!!



Go Badgers!!!!


Give the Wisconsin Badgers some credit.

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Give the Wisconsin Badgers some credit.   They lost the Rose Bowl for the 3rd time in three years.   The Badgers did however hang in there last night.   It was within reach after the first quarter.

They never belonged there.    They got there much like they got to the Big 10 championship game.

BY DEFAULT.   Ohio State and Penn State.. lost their rights to play in post season games due to sanctions.  If it were not for those sanctions the Badgers never would have gone to the Big 10 game.  Which means they never would have gone to the Rose Bowl.

It did not mean squat that Barry was at the helm.  We have never liked him.   He is so full of himself.

Stanford was the better team.  No question about it.

But the Badgers did not allow it to become a blow out/rout which is how the game started.   They deserve credit for that.

The good news is Brett Bielema is gone.   Thank goodness.  He was such a weiner head.

Next year will be a better year for the Badgers!

It is embarrassing how the Badgers got into the Big 10 Championship game.

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Brett Bielema is wrong people do care how the Badger’ s got into the Championship game.

They do not deserve to be there.   It is supposed to be the best of the best and we are nowhere near the best.

We got there  because of the sanctions against Ohio State and Penn State.      We do not deserve to be there.

They did not earn this.

I am sorry but the U.W. Badgers Football team sucks.

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I have watched the Badgers for years and years now.    This is the first time  I would have to say they suck.

They are really not so good.. just plan bad.

I am not sure what the issue is.   This new transfer quarter back.. I am sorry for all the talk he is clearly not  Russell Wilson.

The offense has no spark at all.     We can not expect Montee Ball to carry this team on his back.   He can not do it by him self.

Really the Badgers are 0-3 because they should not have won that first game, and last night they just got lucky. .

I place the blame for this poor performing team right at the feet of Bret Bielema.   He is over rated as a coach and over paid.

He fired that coach last week because he needed a scape goat.

This is Bret  Bielema’s fault.  Remember all those coaches who left last year??    Wonder why?

Let’s hope they can turn things around but I get the feeling it’s going to be a long season.

Give Utah some credit they were the better team last night.

Badgers and Packers.. just an ugly weekend.

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I am sorry but I have never watched the Badgers play so horribly.   They looked absolutely awful.    It was just embarrassing.   Brett Bielema does a horrible job of preparing his team.   We saw it last year, we are seeing it again this year.  Mr. Bielema is over rated.  He inherited a football program in excellent shape and is slowly destroying it.


THE PACKERS.. it was a hard game.  We knew it was not going to be easy.   San Francisco is a very good team.  Simple.    Our defense looks no better than last year.   We can only hope they turn things around.    Chicago is up next for Green Bay  . That will be a much better game for our Packers.

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