I am sorry but the U.W. Badgers Football team sucks.

I have watched the Badgers for years and years now.    This is the first time  I would have to say they suck.

They are really not so good.. just plan bad.

I am not sure what the issue is.   This new transfer quarter back.. I am sorry for all the talk he is clearly not  Russell Wilson.

The offense has no spark at all.     We can not expect Montee Ball to carry this team on his back.   He can not do it by him self.

Really the Badgers are 0-3 because they should not have won that first game, and last night they just got lucky. .

I place the blame for this poor performing team right at the feet of Bret Bielema.   He is over rated as a coach and over paid.

He fired that coach last week because he needed a scape goat.

This is Bret  Bielema’s fault.  Remember all those coaches who left last year??    Wonder why?

Let’s hope they can turn things around but I get the feeling it’s going to be a long season.

Give Utah some credit they were the better team last night.


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