Give the Wisconsin Badgers some credit.

Give the Wisconsin Badgers some credit.   They lost the Rose Bowl for the 3rd time in three years.   The Badgers did however hang in there last night.   It was within reach after the first quarter.

They never belonged there.    They got there much like they got to the Big 10 championship game.

BY DEFAULT.   Ohio State and Penn State.. lost their rights to play in post season games due to sanctions.  If it were not for those sanctions the Badgers never would have gone to the Big 10 game.  Which means they never would have gone to the Rose Bowl.

It did not mean squat that Barry was at the helm.  We have never liked him.   He is so full of himself.

Stanford was the better team.  No question about it.

But the Badgers did not allow it to become a blow out/rout which is how the game started.   They deserve credit for that.

The good news is Brett Bielema is gone.   Thank goodness.  He was such a weiner head.

Next year will be a better year for the Badgers!


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