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Aaron Rodgers to be honored with 2014 Bart Starr Award

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A Big Thank You to Our Packers

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O.K. so the game did not quite end like we hoped it would on Sunday.  No last-minute miracle interception. No last seconds win.    I was waiting.

I did how ever go into this game thinking it probably was our last game of the year.   It was a big challenge to beat San Fran, even on our own field.

We were just to beat up.  How many players did we lose during that game?   I think it was 3 on defense, not to mention the ones who were already lost for the season.

Aaron Rodgers is superman , but even superman can only do so much.

I was proud of how they kept fighting this year with all the injuries.  Especially after Aaron Rodgers was out with the injury.  It may have been ugly , but they kept on fighting.   THANK YOU  to Matt Flynn.    He kept us is the division hunt and play off hopes alive.

It goes without saying they have to draft DEFENSE..  IT is time for Dom  Capers to go.  Our defense is just way to inconsistent .   I will say the last couple of games they played better than when Aaron first went out with the injury.

The other day I got into an argument with some guy on a friends Facebook page .  This guy was calling Packer fans ‘ pussies’ for the fact the play off game did not sell out, it was bought out by cooperate sponsors.   He was saying we are not real fans.  Because it was a hard sell getting people who wanted to brave that cold.

DO YOU KNOW WHERE THIS BONE HEAD WAS FROM, AND WHO HIS NFL TEAM IS???? He is from Minnesota, and is a Vikings Fan ,  which I quickly pointed out to him,  HE was the pussy,   the vikings play in a dome and their ‘ fans’  sit in a dome when watching the game.   HE has no idea what its like to sit
and cheer your team on in frigid conditions.  BUT the conditions on Sunday were more than frigid, they were down right dangerous.

Thank you Packers for a great year!!!

Rumor is Matt Flynn is back!

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I heard on the news this a.m. that the Green Bay Packers have once again signed Matt Flynn.  I am very glad to hear this.  There has been speculation that Matt Flynn’s arm is messed up and that is why he has been released from every team he has played for this year.  I would like to think the Packers would not sign a hurt player regardless of the history.


In all fairness Seneca Wallace and Scott Tolzien both did a good job considering how little reps either get to take . I think Scott Tolzien looks very impressive.  I hope they keep him around.


But really the blame falls on Packer management.  For months now people have asked ” What happens if some thing happens to Aaron Rodgers? ”   What would our record be with out Aaron Rodgers.   It has become very clear Aaron Rodgers is this team.  When Aaron Rodgers went out with the injury against the Bears it’s was like everyone was lost.   The offense has done nothing the last two weeks and the defense oh my goodness they have forgotten how to tackle!!   They have looked horrible.


During the game on Sunday the analysts said the John Kuhn was our EMERGENCY back up quarter back!   Good Grief !


I am not sure what the plans are for Matt Flynn but I would love to see him on the field before we lose any more games.


English: Green Bay Packers starting quarterbac...

English: Green Bay Packers starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers runs off Lambeau Field into the tunnel amid a standing ovation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)






Did any one else throw up? Matt Flynn is available.

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Did anyone else throw up last night when Aaron Rodgers got hurt.   I was just absolutely sick.   It is our worst nightmare.   Matt Flynn is available as he got cut YET again.   IF Aaron Rodgers is gong to be out for any length of time they have to do some thing other than seneca wallace.   This is a night mare.

We wish Aaron a speedy recovery and oh my gosh will he be missed!


So long Greg Jennings… The Packer’s can do better.

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I do not care for diva’s and Greg Jennings over the last two years ( some would argue and say earlier than two years) he has become a diva.  He probably always was .   He is not worth the money he demanded.  He is getting older, he has been injury plagued the last two years.  He has been a negative presence in the locker room and showed a disrespect for the Packer’s and his fellow team mates, especially Aaron Rodgers.

Greg Jennings is only good with a good QB, Christian Ponder is NOT a  good QB.   He is not even close.

When looking for Greg Jennings in January.  Check his house.   He will be home watching the Packer’s in the play offs wondering why he ever wore purple.

Good Riddance!!!

Bear Down!

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Is Aaron Rodgers engaged???

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He is a cutie!!   Quite the catch..


No problems taking him home to mom and dad.

Packer Nation would be very happy for him if he is!!!


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