The U.W. Men’s Badger Basketball team.


For those who think I have no filter.    HA !   You are wrong.   I did not write this on Friday because I had nothing nice to say about the U.W. Men’s Basketball team.

So I waited until the disappointment subsided a little.

Good Grief.     What happened to all that energy they showed in the Big 10 Championship tournament?    They just looked like they were all sick or something.

Very disappointing.     It was not a fun game to watch.   Very painful.

HOW ever they had a great season.   They do amaze me how well they do year after year.      Love Bo Ryan.

Congratulations to the U.W. Men’s Basketball team  on a great season.    Congratulations to Bo Ryan on being named Big 10 coach of the year.

Marquette is still in it, barely.   So we still have a home State team to cheer for!


I can not wait for next season and all the great things the Badgers will do.

Go Badgers!


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