I went to Melissa’s forum!!!! Topic Open enrollment.


IT was interesting.    There was a lady there who did a lot of talking.    What I learned was it’s not all about people whose kids who need LD services and not being able to get them,  but people whose kids are gifted and talented and not being happy with what they are seeing or getting.

ALOT has to do with attitude of teachers and administrators.    Often parents are treated like we know nothing.

Melissa went to a lot of work creating graphs/charts to show just how much Evansville is paying out every year due to open enrollment.   She is one smart lady, I do not know how she breaks it down the way she does.   The fact that she of course enjoys math and science helps.

I will try to post the graph later that shows how much the district has lost in money going out for open enrollment over the last several years.   I was shocked.   We could all have IPADS & then some  if the district was not losing that money!!!!


It was very interesting .  Thank you Melissa for taking the time to meet with the people of Evansville and hear their concerns.



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