Is the Evansville School District standing still? Lab Rats? Merit pay for teachers.



Is the Evansville School district standing still?    Yes it is.   I was absolutely shocked at how far behind we are in so many areas.   Starting with technology.   The reason for this?  Poor planning.   This is something the administration and board should have kept up with all along.   I do not want to hear the word MONEY. This is some thing they should have kept up with all along,  if they had it would not have been nearly as costly.   IT IS A FAIL by our district.

Orfordville-Park View is getting IPADS for pete’s sakes.   Park View with IPADS!

Janesville and Madison are both looking at expanding their gifted and talented programs, both of which already out pace Evansville by  a lot.

Parents are taking their kids to Madison for special education services they are denied here in Evansville, for the rapidly growing AP classes in Madison,  for the fact you can get your child the services they need without having to fight them.

The attitude of Evansville staff about services for students is horrible.  It does not seem to matter what end you are on,  if you child needs special education or they are gifted and talented.  I do not want to confuse any one, but  gifted and talented kids also CAN have I.E.P.S.

In the last few weeks I have heard about more and more families who have gifted and talented kids and can not get the services they need for their child.  To often because the teacher’s think they know better than the parents.

The attitude of some teacher’s is horrible when it comes to services.


HAS ANYONE ELSE PAID any attention to how many tests the schools,  the Junior High in particular are giving our kids every year.  NOT class/core tests but extra tests like M.A.P.S. fall and spring,   of course the W.K.C.E. and now this week ANOTHER test being given and required by N.A.E.P.     Get acquainted with N.A.E.P. you will be hearing a lot about them from here on out.

AS I have found out not ALL students are having to take these tests .   ONLY the randomly selected.   My son who was ” randomly selected.”  ..   I flipped.    Enough with the damn tests.   I told  Jerry Roth they might want to ” randomly select” another student.  AS   I had told my son to ‘ fill in the dots, and if it’s an essay question write a story about his dog.”     JUST freakin ridiculous, not to mention the random tests teacher’s are giving in the classroom to see where students are.

THEY pick my child WHO WAS sick 3/5 days the week before and is trying to get caught up.   The students who were ‘ randomly selected.”  will MISS CLASS TIME>..  The rest of the class is having class.    Just a brilliant move by whom ever ‘ randomly selected ” these kids.

The real ISSUE is teacher’s and administration have done this to them selves.  FOR years Evansville has graduated students who can barely read, and have remedial math skills.   IF they had produced results they could claim no blame , but they have not been producing results ,  they have slid along like so many schools.

The company I worked for two years ago at Christmas hired a recent Evanville H.S. grad.   He was hired on my suggestion because I knew him.   As I quickly found out his reading skills as well as his math skills were very remedial.   I would say Junior High level at best.   BUT you know what this kid had THE BEST work ETHIC  I had seen in a long time.

Just a super nice kid,  very hard worker.   EXCELLENT WORKER..  SO it’s so sad his academics skills were not where they should have been.  The Evansville School District let him down.

ANYMORE OUR CHILDREN are treated NOTHING more than like LAB RATS..   TESTING, TESTING , TESTING…    THE SADDEST part is the test results are not all that great.  MEDIOCRE, not great.

I had a friend who broke down my son’s MAPS and W.K.C.E. results ..  using the common core standards,  he is average.. as opposed to proficient in some areas as he was last year.  When I questioned why he was not making yearly gains the teacher’s got  very defensive.    IF he sits in your classroom for 9 months out of year we should see 9 months of growth and we, like many parents who have taken the time to dissect the test results are not seeing 9 months of growth.   KIDS who are gifted and talented are NOT showing 9 months of growth.  THERE is not an excuse for that.

Teachers are going to have to do better or Evansville is NEVER going to meet the goals they have to meet.




Merit Pay..    IF YOU WANT more State and Federal Money  EVANSVILLE  is going to have to carry out merit pay.  IT is that simple.   Both President Obama and our handy dandy Gov. have made that clear.

HOWEVER in the Evansville school district  I would be truly afraid for some of the teacher’s .   Because it is so damn political in our schools.  IF you go along, and play the games administration does you will be fine.     BUT if you just do your job and do not play their games you are screwed.

IF Evanvsille ever goes to Merit Pay it would have to have a ton of over sight.  NOT left up just to one administrator ,not just to the principal of the building.  IT would have to have SCHOOL BOARD OVERSIGHT ALL THE  WAY…    THE SCHOOL BOARD WOULD have to have it’s nose deep into the process.

Good teacher’s deserve to be rewarded regardless of what games they play or do not play.

THE very fact that Brian CAshore was given a two year contract and NO OTHER building administrator was  BULLSHIT>>> it goes to show you what happens when you are buddy , buddy with the school superintendent.   SHAME ON THE SCHOOL BOARD FOR GOING ALONG WITH THAT.   IF NOTHING ELSE BRIAN CASHORE SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN NOTHING MORE THAN A ONE YEAR CONTRACT AS WELL.

I ASKED  Jerry Roth at beginning of his term if he could handle being in charge as he is good friends with several teacher’s , and is good friends with Brian Cashore.  He assured me he could keep them his job and friendships separate.  Clearly not.


That just goes to show the level of politics in our schools.



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