Evansville Screwed up their snow days.. so what about tomorrow????

IT’S  to bad administration screwed up snow days, like they did this year.  It was more than just snow days .. but that is another story.   That no one in administration caught it before it was to late.

BUT tomorrow is supposed to be a whopper of a storm for our area.  UP to an inch an hour of snow tomorrow.

THE school has no business putting the buses out on the road loaded with our kids.

I will not be at all surprised to see some schools cancel for tomorrow starting tonight.   It is going to be that kind of storm.

What about those teenage drivers ?? Do we really want them trying to navigate this storm tomorrow afternoon on their way home from school?

IT will hurt no one to have to make up one day…


Now if this storm were to change direction… but that does not look like that is going to happen.    Just yesterday they were saying advisory for our area.   Maybe 4 inches.   Now it’s a full blown storm warning with 6-10 inches..  Winter in Wisconsin.    I can not wait for spring.

I really hope this snow helps the farmers.

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