Congratulations to Melissa Hammann !!!!



I have told her since she announced she was running for school board,  this was her year!!!

She brings a wealth of knowledge to the school board,  I have said it before and I will again,  NO ONE knows that better than her the school budget,  maybe Doreen Treuden but just a snag. But just as likely its a tie.

Melissa is one smart lady,  and works with facts and figures and is not one to ‘ go along’ , but go with what is right.


CONGRATULATIONS Melissa   so very excited for her!!!!


SO Mason  Braunschweig lost.  I have to say that surprises me,  I was surprised.    I think it really surprised Mason.    I have different thoughts on Mason.

HOWEVER   Mason has given of his time and knowledge to the city for years and the last year to the school.    He deserves a  Thank You for that.

I think it’s probably going to be the first time in years that Mason has not been involved in city/school politics in years.    It will be different for him .    He does deserve a Thank You and so does his wife .   He put in a lot of time a way from home.


Thank you for your time Mason.



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  1. Thanks for the kind words and all the signal boosts. You are a steadfast supporter and I really appreciate it.

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