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December 11 packet -2-.pdf – So the Evansville School District is now worried about bullying?? Really?

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The Evansville School District is the biggest joke when  it comes to dealing with bullying. They attempt to talk a big game, but they are worthless when it comes to making any real changes.

LETS start with the administration from  Kindergarten through High School.  In particular at T.R.I.S.,  J.C. Mckenna,  and the Evansville High School

Robert Flaherty,  Scott Everson, and Brian Cashore are bullies themselves.   THEY bully kids INTO not reporting bullying.  GOING as far as threatening them with police action.   LET us not forget , Meaghan Hannibal she is the most worthless Psychologist .  Some one told me years ago that school psychologists are people who can not get a job anywhere else.  This is clearly the case when it comes to her.  I was told this by a psychologist who held a real job.


It always laughable when they present reports about bullying to the board because it never changes.   IF they were taking it seriously the bullying issue would get better, not worse. Bullying has been a huge problem for years in Evansville.  It just keeps getting worse.

Read the comments about bullying in the packet.

December 11 packet -2-.pdf.

Local bipolar teen restrained and secluded in school for years wants change

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Evansville used to do the same thing until they were threatened with a law suit.   Evansville has some of the most uneducated ” educators” when it comes to mental health.  They are just a embarrassment to them selves and the district.


Local bipolar teen restrained and secluded in school for years wants change.


Sisters, friend take stand against bullying | Local News – WMTW Home

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What a great job they have done..






Sisters, friend take stand against bullying | Local News – WMTW Home.


Alena Nightoak takes her own life. A victim of bullying.– Another sad story out of Wisconsin schools.

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This is just yet another sad story of the effects of bullying.   This was a kind, beautiful young lady.  Yet she was bullied endlessly by certain kids who really should be held criminally responsible.    She suffered from anxiety and depression.   Any one who is bullied suffers from anxiety and depression.   It comes with being bullied.     She actively spoke out against bullying and had made u-tube videos on being bullied.

I am just waiting for the Marshall High School to come out with a statement saying they ” had no idea.”   That seems to be standard for schools caught not doing enough about bullying.  The Evansville School District has a huge bullying problem, always has.   They have done very little to solve the issues.  The administrators in our school will tell anyone who will listen it’s not that bad,  example of the silly , understated report they gave at a recent board meeting.     But ask any number of parents in the E.S.D. and they can tell you just how bad the bullying is in the district.

If it comes to light the school knew and did little to nothing to prevent the bullying the administrators, and any teacher also need to be held criminally and have civil liability.   That is the only way schools are going to start taking it seriously and do some thing about it.

From elementary on up to high school.      Evansville School District administrators and certain staff should be ashamed of them selves.

There were two different kids that we are aware of that attempted suicide last year in the Evansville School District because of being bullied.  It’s funny how those numbers were not pointed out by the staff at the board meeting.


This is just such a very sad story.    It could have been prevented if kids were just taught it’s not o.k. to bully.  Some times the bulling starts with the parents. They are or were bullies.   Our thoughts and prays are with her family and friends.   So very sad.

Area teachers balk at proposed bullying bill . Fine the parents as well of those who bully.

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Some thing more needs to be done about bullying in our schools.   Especially  in Evansville.   I do not think the problem lies so much with the teacher’s as it does with administration.  At the same time if teacher’s are doing their job and reporting bullying , what is the problem with this bill?

The other side of this is what about making the parents more responsible for their kids.  If more parents took bullying more seriously and talked to their kids about how important it is not to bully.  We might have a totally different atmosphere in our schools.

I do wonder if some parents know what bullying is?   I think some parents just look at as  ” kids being kids.”    Instead of looking at it as the bullying that it is.

What a sad week for Evansville.

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Two very young people from Evansville died this week,  within hours of each other.

A young mother, with young kids.  Gone.   My heart just breaks for the kids.    I think that is one of every parents fear leaving their kids when they are young.

A very nice young, college student gone.     That is every parent’s nightmare.  Having to say good bye to their child.  No parent should ever have to do that.  Ever.



Our prays are with the families and the children of this mother gone way to soon.




We will keep them in our prays in the weeks and months to come.


School principal afraid of getting weggie each morning by school bully.

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That is really  why this principal has done little to fight bullying in his school.  He is afraid of the bullies.

Maybe that is why bullying is so bad in the Evansville school district.    Administrators are afraid of the bullies.   Afraid of getting a weggie.

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