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Teacher accused of looking at explicit emails could return to work | News –

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What ever will the Middleton School District do?   They lost, and were slapped in the face by the State Court.

I wonder if this teacher Andrew Harris really plans on returning to the M.C.P.S.D. ?    He will not be welcome by administration.

They will more  than likely let him know he is not welcome in different ways.

He will get all that back pay!!   That will be a nice pay-day for him.

I would hope he has looked for or maybe already working in a different job.

I would also hope there is some sort of gag order on this case, where is some one calls for a reference the school must give one based on job done, not mistakes made.

Often there is this sort of gag when an employer loses a case such as  this.  In the John Walczak case out of Janesville , the district was not allowed to mention the discipline issue he was accused of, just give a reference on job done.  In this day and age all one would have to do is a internet search.. and they will see for them selves.

I do not agree with what he did.  He made a horrible choice watching that, and sharing that sort of thing in the work place.   Just a stupid mistake.  But from what I understand it was not kiddie porn.    He did not share it with students, just grown adults.

I think its time for him to move on, but if he does not best of luck to him for what he is sure to face in the school district.

Teacher accused of looking at explicit emails could return to work | News –

Judge Tom Alisankus Speaks on Justice Prosser: Check out the Observer.

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Prosser has to go.

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