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What did we learn about the Aprina Paul/Nathan Middleton tragedy?

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Nathan Middleton was sentenced to over twenty years in prison yesterday.


Aprina Paul’s death was a tragedy.   She was a beautiful young lady.    She made mistakes .

Nathan Middleton is a troubled person.  Has a criminal history.

What I also learned is how common it is in the Madison area for young girls , high school girls to be having sex for money.

I have heard more and more stories about young high school girls selling them selves.   Why work for 7.25 a hour when you can make 100.00 bucks for a couple of hours work.

It is a very sad, and growing problem.    They either do not think about the dangers or they do not believe it will happen to them.

What is worse is there are men, recruiting these young ladies.    It’s hard to believe in this day and time that are young women are not more aware and educated about the dangers.

Then again like I said some just do not care , or worry.   They think they are invincible.

When I spoke with Aprina Paul’s mom months ago I mentioned the change she could make by speaking to youth groups/women’ s groups about what happened to Aprina.

I hope so day she can find the strength to do that.

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