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Family of Fitchburg woman tells police she worked as escort | News –

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For the last couple of weeks her family has posted on their Facebook page that Aprina was not a hooker/escort/prostitute .  They claimed she did not do drugs.


Did they really think what they told the police was not going to become public record?

We knew from living by this girl was she was doing.  The police knew about both the drugs and the prostitution , at their home many times.

Classmates coming forward saying she was working as a prostitute in high school.

Now we are finding out she was SELLING DRUGS.  I am sorry but this entire sad story never would have happened if she had not answered that ad.

WE so need to raise our daughters with respect for them selves, with self-confidence, and to get an education.

I am glad to hear Middleton will be back in prison for longer than what I originally thought.  He is just a scary man.

I find it hard to believe he would have gone back to prison longer for a probation violation than what he is facing now.

What I really hope is her siblings learn from this.   That they choose a different path in life than Aprina did.  That they stay in school,  find some respect for them selves,  and live their lives in a way that would honor Aprina.

Family of Fitchburg woman tells police she worked as escort | News –

GazetteXtra | Authorities arrest Nathan Middleton on charges of hiding, burning body of Aprina Paul

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These are the charges I expected.

GazetteXtra | Authorities arrest Nathan Middleton on charges of hiding, burning body of Aprina Paul.


George Zimmerman out on bond AGAIN?

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I do not blame the judge, he has to follow the law.    But most know the damage is done.   George and Shellie Zimmerman have been proven to be what they are , lying , deceitful people.   George Zimmerman’s credibility is shot, gone,  is no more, not that he had much to start with.

The fact the police did not believe him to begin with.   Did you watch the video they made of zimmie’s explanation of what happened?

The problem with him doing this is he lied.

He either lied in the video or he lied in the first police reports.   His story is different from in the first reports he gave police.

The doctor said in the medical reports, he had no injuries to the back of his head.  NONE.    He also refused to go to a specialist.   He had minimal injuries.

Former co-workers have come forward talking about what a racist he is, and a BULLY.

There is a very good reason the police dept he applied to never hired him.   He probably would never be able to get past the Psych. evaluation and they knew it.    He is a narcissist dog. ( I apologize to all dogs out there.)

He should be worried.

Texas just sent a main to prison for 40 years who tried to claim  ” stand your ground.”

How about the woman who claimed ” stand your ground.”  after her ex-husband broke a restraining order and came to her house to beat her , just like he had done for years.    She did not even shoot him, she shot into the ceiling and I believe she got 20 years.   She should have shot him.

I have to question if she was white,  would she be in prison now?  I really doubt it.

Zimmie boy should be very worried.

The simple fact is you can not provoke an attack, and then claim self-defense.

Zimmie boy belongs in prison,  and his wife stripped of what ever money remains from that defense fund, which more than likely there will not be any.


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Scott Walker has told so many lies, and twisted things to such a point .  I doubt when this is all over he will know which end is up.     He is just a dirty old republican recycling old tricks.  I can not wait to see him in prison orange.


“Stand Your Ground” defense fails in Florida shooting case– George Zimmerman should be very worried.

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THIS is ridiculous.  THIS woman NEVER should have been charged to begin with.   SHE had a restraining order against him.  He beat her for years.

She did not shoot him,  went out of her way not to shoot him.     I am hoping some people come to her rescue.   She does not belong in prison.



Zimmerman lawyers quit..

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Because george zimmerman is an idiot.     HE set up that donation site, and supposedly his lawyers helped him do it because he they wanted to get paid..  Smart people would never donate to this guy.

According to talk radio,   this zimmerman guy went and set up a second site on his own trying to MAKE money for just him self.

Zimmerman is calling the special prosecutor him self?    Is he out of his mind?

zimmerman has also been calling the fake news stations, such as fox news.   Desperate is he?

The guy has no ethics  or morals.  IF you want to give to some one give to the Martin family who truly have lost some thing.

The nerve of zimmerman trying to claim he ‘lost’ every thing.. Oh boo hoo!!!!

In jail he won’t need money any way.

Some one made the comment today that he is like O.J. Simpson he may get away with this ,  but in the end he will end up in prison because he is nothing more than a law breaking thug.  He will do some thing eventually to end up back in jail.   Just like O.J. Simpson.,0,4146078.story


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