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North Dakota Woman May Be Giving ‘Fat Letters’ Instead Of Candy This Halloween

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Good Grief lady, get a life.

North Dakota Woman May Be Giving ‘Fat Letters’ Instead Of Candy This Halloween.


A Open Letter to Janis Ringhand-All men must be castrated by by the age of 30.

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As part of the Wisconsin State Legislature .  You have sat and watched those republicans try very hard to stick their noses into women’s reproductive rights.

It’s only fair is it not.   Make it a legal requirement that all men must be castrated by age 30.   If you are going to have kids get it done by then.    Because really it’s better for everyone

if they are.    So let’s make it all law all men castrated by age 30.


A thank you to the contact person from the Iowa Dept of Crimminal Investgation.

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It was not long after post about my sisters situation with a abusive husband and the fact he is a cop.  That I received a message from a contact person at the Iowa Dept of Criminal investigation.  They were offering to help if they could and providing contact information.   It was nice to know there is concern on their part and they do not just over look things like that.  I have also sent them a email from their contact information.


Thanks again.


Come Vote at the Annual Meeting! September 24th at 7 PM in the HS Media Room – Melissa Has More Info!!!

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SO administration does not think the number of kids they lose do to open enrollment every year is a problem.  Going to quote from Melissa’s article here.

“Most informative about the data presented in the packet available at the school website involves open enrollment. From 2009 to present, the open enrollment imbalance has more than doubled from a loss of $124,014.24 in 2009 to a loss of $254,172 predicted for this year. And the administration isn’t convinced there’s a problem yet. This has a double whammy impact. It reduces the state aid next year by dwindling the enrollment and sucks out the funding for this year as well to pay outgoing tuition. Good grief.  Anybody wants to have a competition on how we could have spent that 250 grand they let walk out the doors? How many Ipads would that have bought? Let’s see here. I see them offered on for $605 for the 32 gig high end one. That would pay for nearly 420 of the suckers. Or, if you scale back to the 16 gig model, they could buy 635 of them and supply over a third of the students with them. Good good in heaven, in 3 years they could get every kid in the district an Ipad with the money they are sending down the highway to other districts because “there’s no problem here.” Indeed.”

SHE is absolutely correct the number of kids who leave is outstanding.   It’s predicted we will lose 254,172 this year alone.  That is a ton of money.  Think of all the things the school could do with that money!!!  BUY IPADS like the Milton Middle school has done for each teacher and kid!!!      REPLACE old out dated, beat up text books.    Update some of the computer systems.  I could go on and on.


The vote tonight is an advisory vote.    SHOULD they really be voting on a night the Packer’s play???  Do you think they could set up the Packer game in the next room so people could watch until they vote???    YES  I know my priorities.       But I have been to these meetings for voting before on the tax levy and in the end the board votes how they want any way.   Always raising it.


Really what we need to do is get the city to have homes reassessed in town.  Taxes are way high and home values have dropped.   I do believe it’s Clinton who had some homes reassessed recently and the taxes dropped substantially.


Cock Roach raises 13 million in 3 months.

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I am curious as to how he can be flying all around the country , raising money and still collecting a salary as our gov?     Should he not give some of  his salary back for all the time he has been gone?

Scott Walker denies wrongdoing on prank call

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He is the biggest narcissist in our State.

He admits he would have lied in this call. To get the democrats back.

He admits he thought about ‘planting ‘ people in the protesters to cause problems.

HE never once mentioned in this phone call the budget,  just comments about busting Unions.

Comments about wanting a trip on the dime of Koch.

Made a comment about one of the democrats not being ‘One of Us”    who the hell does he thing ” he” is.

This phone conversation was very telling.

I am just wondering if walker got his w2 yet from the Koch brothers.

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