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June 25 board packet.pdf–111 Liberty St??

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Property at 111 liberty street????  Is for sale and the school was contacted about this?

Does any one else remember when Mr.and Mrs. Willoughby  offered property right next to the middle school?   At a very nice price?

The district needs to decide what they are going to do with that Junior High.   If they are going to build in the next 10 years there is no reason to buy more land.

IF they are only going to remodel and update then  push building new right off the table,   then maybe it should be considered.

There is so very much that needs to be done to that Junior High that I do not know if remodeling really should be an option.

IF only we could see into the future and see what enrollment would look like.




June 25 board packet.pdf.


December 11 packet -2-.pdf – So the Evansville School District is now worried about bullying?? Really?

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The Evansville School District is the biggest joke when  it comes to dealing with bullying. They attempt to talk a big game, but they are worthless when it comes to making any real changes.

LETS start with the administration from  Kindergarten through High School.  In particular at T.R.I.S.,  J.C. Mckenna,  and the Evansville High School

Robert Flaherty,  Scott Everson, and Brian Cashore are bullies themselves.   THEY bully kids INTO not reporting bullying.  GOING as far as threatening them with police action.   LET us not forget , Meaghan Hannibal she is the most worthless Psychologist .  Some one told me years ago that school psychologists are people who can not get a job anywhere else.  This is clearly the case when it comes to her.  I was told this by a psychologist who held a real job.


It always laughable when they present reports about bullying to the board because it never changes.   IF they were taking it seriously the bullying issue would get better, not worse. Bullying has been a huge problem for years in Evansville.  It just keeps getting worse.

Read the comments about bullying in the packet.

December 11 packet -2-.pdf.

Danny, 6-year-old teased: Band of elementary schoolmates rally around boy to stop teasing

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These are very wise young people.  Evansville could use some kids like this at the Junior High and High school level.

Danny, 6-year-old teased: Band of elementary schoolmates rally around boy to stop teasing.


Madison West’s Music Department and Mr. Cao

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Our son is taking Chorus this year.  I was not at all excited about the thought of him doing this and yes I will admit tried to talk him out of taking Chorus.

Why would I try to talk him out of taking Chorus?  Because I can not stand the concerts the kids are required to go to.  They are always at night, and always run late, way past my bed time.   The other issue is the one down fall Madison West has is the parking available.   There really is none.

So as the first concert date approached I dreaded the thought of it.    Then the night came and we made our way to the auditorium  at Madison West.  First I have to say the auditorium is just incredible.   Just the architecture and history is enough to make people be amazed.  As we sat there waiting for this concert to start you could just feel the excitement from the students and the parents.   I sat there thinking  ” What am I missing? “

I soon found out.   The concert started and just the energy and enthusiasm shown by this teacher and these students was incredible.   After my son’s class had finished their first song and Mr. Cao started to speak the auditorium just erupted in applause for Mr. Cao and this group of kids.   It became very clear , very quickly that Mr. Cao is very , very loved.  By the end of the evening we knew why.

He is just incredibly talented , and he has such enthusiasm and energy it was just amazing.  The kids truly love him, and they love music.   He has every one of those students engaged and loving what they are doing.


I am very glad my son is in his class.

I left that night wondering when the next concert is and looking forward to it.




Where is the love?

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1. Precedence, especially established by order of importance or urgency.

a. An established right to precedence.
b. An authoritative rating that establishes such precedence.
3. A preceding or coming earlier in time.
4. Something afforded or deserving prior attention.
They may be well meaning but the majority of people who are hopping on the fund raising wagon to replace the football equipment, really need to take a good look at themselves.
They can trip over each other, and push each other out of the way to raise money for the football team.  But what about raising some money for some thing that really counts?  Like the school itself.
HOW many years did the T.R.I.S .  roof leak?    It was more than two, because I was at the school board meeting where they were asked how long before the roof would be fixed and it was explained how they had to pay for it out of two different budgets.  DOES anyone else remember all those buckets sitting around the hallways?   The slippery floors where there did not happen to be a bucket.
  HOW many text books does the Junior High not have?
  When was the last time you saw a I PAD in the hands of any students at the school?
Have you seen the curriculum at the high school?   It’s a joke.
WHY are these same business’s who are having fund raisers for a sports program NOT having fund raisers through out the year for the actual school.   I Am not talking about the fund raising the PTO does as they use that money as they please .
Foot ball is fun.  But it is not important.    NONE, not one  of these kids are NFL bound,   MOST will not be college degree bound , because Evansville does a poor job of preparing them for college.
MANY adults need to get their head out of their assex and straighten out their priorities.

1. Precedence, especially established by order of importance or urgency.

a. An established right to precedence.
b. An authoritative rating that establishes such precedence.
3. A preceding or coming earlier in time.
4. Something afforded or deserving prior attention.
THIS town has some screwed up priorities .    PUTTING a sport before academics.     IT is just embarrassing.   No wonder why their test scores look like they do.

Melissa reports on the board meeting from last night.

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I have to agree with her there sure was a lot of information on sports ( re-assigning of coaches and pay) a lot of nonsense about sports.    She’s right it says a lot about their lack of priorities.     I do have to wonder why the issue with the music program at the Junior High?

Frankly I do not think music or art should be required classes after grade school.   It is just silly to make kids take art if they are not interested.   Offer it, but do not make it a requirement.


Thank you Melissa.   Good to see you back.

IS the Evansville school district finally understanding parts of open enrollment?

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At the May 13th school board meeting they discussed the results from the open enrollment period.   It was a relief to see they are finally understanding they can not take every single applicant who applies to come into the district.   k-5 they do not have the room, and denied any applicant because of class sizes.

Grades k-5 and grades 9-12 any special education applicant would be denied because of the ability of the district to offer services.  They have their hands full now with the case load they have.

They have a hard time providing the required services they should give for the kids they have.  Thank goodness they finally understand that, they can not handle any more.  Take care of the kids you have.

Evansville once again got spanked in terms of how many are coming in to the district and how many want the heck out.   No student should have to stay ever, when a school can not offer what they need or want.


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