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Madison West’s Football Team Rocks!!!

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The  Madison West Football team is having a awe some season.

What is so impressive is the most of the Varsity coaches is most are former Badger players.   Starting with head coach JC Dawkins  .


They treat the young men very well.. with FOOD.. the nights before games .. They will also surprise them with nutritious snacks and sandwiches

after some practices.  They just treat them really well.


We are very proud of   Madison West. .


Madison West Graduation

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ON June 14th our daughter graduated from Madison West.

During Dr.Ed Holmes speech I learned a few things that made us even prouder of Madison West.

In the graduating class of 2014 at Madison West.


There was

5 students with perfect ACT scores.

20 national merit scholarship finalists

5 students who ranked top in the Nation in Math and Science.

No other school in Wisconsin had more  perfect ACT scores,  MORE National merit scholarship finalists

More students taking tops in Science and Math in the Nation.

Madison West truly is the best.


I am in the process of trying to load the video..   Excellent speech by Dr. Ed Holmes.


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We are getting ready for and are so excited for our daughter!!!  She will be graduating on June 14th from Madison West!!!!

So many memories ..  I keep thinking of her the first day of kindergarten.    I told her I was going to pull that picture out for her graduation party.

She does not find that funny.

Madison West has just been such an awe some experience for her.    They offer so much.

It has been such a strong, positive experience for her.

We are very proud of her.    She worked very hard this year to get where she need to go , to reach the goals she has set.




As graduation has gotten closer .  Even though we are no longer in Evansville.   We have talked a lot  about the two classmates that passed away from Evansville.

Two class mates that should have graduated with the Evansville Class of 2014 .

Our hearts break for their families as this must be a very difficult time.


They will continue to be in our thoughts and prays.

GazetteXtra | Let’s applaud academic achievements, too

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When I picked my son up from basketball practice the other night from Madison West.  I noticed a few buses.  I counted 8 buses.  I asked my son  ..

” Why are these buses here at this time of night? ”  It was a little after 7 o’ clock.     He said  ‘ oh that’s the mathletes.”    After talking with him a bit longer I found out there was a math competition going on at West that night and its a common thing for them to have competitions.    I asked him if they the students from the math program that take part in this like being called ” mathletes.”

He said no one he knows minds it in fact the kids he knows on the math team like it.  It was clear from talking with my son that the mathletes get just as much if not more respect than any ‘ athlete.’  .  Because its true that with math not everyone can do it,  either you are good at it or you are not.

Mathletes.. pretty darn neat!!!

I really like the fact that Madison West has more academic clubs than athletic programs.

Madison West has had some athletes go on to play in the N.B.A.  and the N.F.L.    but they have had many more kids excel and reach ‘ celebrity’ status because of their academic accomplishments than the athletic accomplishments.

Academics must come first.

Applaud those schools who put academics first.

( hint Evansville does not put academics first.)

GazetteXtra | Let’s applaud academic achievements, too.

” WE get these kids ready for college.” Nothing Less Than 3.0– Proud Mom Moment

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Please excuse me as I continue to have my very proud MOM moment!!!!  My son who is a freshman at Madison West has made the Madison West basketball team!!!   This is a big accomplishment and one to be proud of.   There were  around 60 kids who tried out, and in the end he made the team!    But he has always worked to get better in this sport, and has improved every year he has played.

We had our first parents basketball meeting last night.   I am  SO super impressed with the way the athletic program is run at West.   During last night’s meeting there was more talk about expectations for its players than really any talk about basketball.    They expect ALL their players to keep up a 3.0 average, which they monitor.   IF a player does not have a 3.0 they are required to attend tutoring sessions .   They expect nothing but exemplary behavior from their players on and off the court.

Several times I heard ” We get these kids ready for college.”    There was such a focus on academics it was so nice to hear.   They pointed out that Madison West is in one of the toughest divisions in the state , and it takes kids that are not only good with the basketball , but kids who are just as academically skilled.

These coaches realize these kids are going to need something for life after high school.

The athletes at Madison West are definitely held to a higher standard than what the athletic dept at Evansville requires.

Evansville could stand to take some lessons from them with their anemic requirement of only maintaining a 1.5 g.p.a. to play sports.   Pathetic.

Madison West’s Music Department and Mr. Cao

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Our son is taking Chorus this year.  I was not at all excited about the thought of him doing this and yes I will admit tried to talk him out of taking Chorus.

Why would I try to talk him out of taking Chorus?  Because I can not stand the concerts the kids are required to go to.  They are always at night, and always run late, way past my bed time.   The other issue is the one down fall Madison West has is the parking available.   There really is none.

So as the first concert date approached I dreaded the thought of it.    Then the night came and we made our way to the auditorium  at Madison West.  First I have to say the auditorium is just incredible.   Just the architecture and history is enough to make people be amazed.  As we sat there waiting for this concert to start you could just feel the excitement from the students and the parents.   I sat there thinking  ” What am I missing? “

I soon found out.   The concert started and just the energy and enthusiasm shown by this teacher and these students was incredible.   After my son’s class had finished their first song and Mr. Cao started to speak the auditorium just erupted in applause for Mr. Cao and this group of kids.   It became very clear , very quickly that Mr. Cao is very , very loved.  By the end of the evening we knew why.

He is just incredibly talented , and he has such enthusiasm and energy it was just amazing.  The kids truly love him, and they love music.   He has every one of those students engaged and loving what they are doing.


I am very glad my son is in his class.

I left that night wondering when the next concert is and looking forward to it.




The Evansville School district FAILS to keep the really good teachers. Ms. Ellie Habrel is gone. A huge loss.

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The Evansville school district has lost quite a few teachers over the last two years.   Most left for greener pastures.

BUT  to lose a teacher like  Ms. Ellie Haberl is just truly sad.   She was the best , one of the few really good teachers Evansville had left.    How did I find out about this?

Her mom teaches at Madison West.    I was saddened and shocked to learn Ms. Haberl had left the Evansville school district, not that one can blame her.

We now know where Ms. Haberl got so much of her talent and love of teaching..  Her parents.    Her mom is just awesome.

Her mom subs at Madison West.   I wish she taught full time there.   She is just a wonderful lady and a great teacher.

Evansville schools just continue to go down hill..  growing open enrollment number, loss of the really good teachers.

Evansville residents are paying attention as is shown by the open enrollment numbers.  NO one is ‘ stuck’ anymore in a district that is not working.

Evansville just does not seem to be able to understand that, as is shown by their lack of investigation into this.


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