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A Republican Thumping!!!

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What a huge , huge night for Democrats!!!

President Obama was easily re-elected!!!!

Major wins across the country by Democrats!

America sent a strong message to the republicans last night.   GROW UP,   WORK together,   Treat Woman as equals,  Stay out of Women’s health care choices and what we can and can not do with our bodies!!!!

THE republicans have snubbed their noses at President Obama for the last 4 years and they paid dearly last night.  Their plan back fired!

The AMERICAN people saw mitt romney and his campaign for what is was  a FRAUD!!!    He ran on lies and deception !!!   HE became what ever you wanted him to be.  We still do not know who the heck he is.   I seriously doubt he knows who he is at this point.

How they ever thought they would win Ohio I do not know.    I said all along Wisconsin would never go RED!!!   NEVER!

AS FOR paul ryan.    He is a joke.   romney should have vetted him better and he would have found out he is not well liked in Wisconsin as a whole.

paul ryan had no record to run on.  Since he has been in office he has done nothing absolutely nothing.    Except for help to name a post office.

I loved fox news reaction.  They were one of the first to call the election for President Obama and then tried to go back words!!!

Karl Rowe  was just having himself a fit last night!!!

A huge  congratulations for Tammy Baldwin!!!      Tommy Thompson is not fit for office.   He has not been for the people in years.

America won last night!!!!   Congratulations to all who voted !!!!!


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