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New movie takes aim at how bullying victims become shooters | News –

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Evansville schools have a horrible bullying issues and have never really done any thing to stop it.   ” oh Johnny just ignore them.  ”  Really ?  Putting the bulk of responsibility to deal with bullying on the victim.  But that is what Evansville does.

I can honestly can say since moving to Madison,  our kids have found no bullying.  My daughter who was often the victim of bullying has not been bothered by bullying at all since she started at Madison West.

It’s  not to say there is not bullying , of course there is.     It is to say for her it’s been like night and day in terms of not being bullied at Madison West.    Maybe it is because the school is so much bigger and the kids there have lives and are more accepting .

Then again there was never a reason for her to be bullied , but in Evansville these kids are not held accountable for bullying so it never stopped.

Remember when Scott Everson and Brian Cashore threw  a tantrum about kids using the word ‘ tractor’  or ‘ corn’ .       Yet they would allow the girls to call each other whore and slut without blinking.   But gawd forbid you say the word ” corn.”  or ” tractor” .

There was a time   that a young man was being bullied to the point of another young man taking a swing at him.   Who did the mighty duo of cashore/eversson suspend??   The kid who was being bullied.

Just horrible priorities in the Evansville school district,.  ..    I have had a couple different doctors tell me they have heard horrible bullying stories from Evansville kids for years.

Just horrible , horrible priorities and examples in the Evansville school district.

New movie takes aim at how bullying victims become shooters | News –

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