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I am so excited for Melissa Hammann.. Evansville Education Association endores her for school board.

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So Excited!!!!  Congrats Melissa!!!


GazetteXtra | Evansville survey to aid in referendum discussion

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Everyone should be getting this in their mail box this week.  If you do not please call the school district or contact Kelly Mosher at 608-882-3387 or

So they are thinking about going to a referendum?   I think Jerry Roth has had this on his mind since day one of him taking the position of school superintendent.

The district does have many WANTS.   There is such a difference between wants and needs.

Survey questions include whether residents would support increasing taxes to give more salary and benefits for employees, upgrading curriculum and technology, whether a police liaison officer should be hired and whether the middle school built-in 1921 should be renovated or replaced”. – See more at:
Survey questions include whether residents would support increasing taxes to provide more salary and benefits for employees, upgrading curriculum and technology, whether a police liaison officer should be hired and whether the middle school built in 1921 should be renovated or replaced. – See more at:
Survey questions include whether residents would support increasing taxes to provide more salary and benefits for employees, upgrading curriculum and technology, whether a police liaison officer should be hired and whether the middle school built in 1921 should be renovated or replaced. – See more at:

Really more salary for employees and benefits?  Really?  What happened to Act 10?   No way.   Employee salary and benefits need to come from the regular budget .  You can not expect Evansville tax payers to thinks its o.k. to pay for daily/monthly/ yearly expenses from a referendum.  They need to budget better.

Money for upgrading curriculum and technology.    Yes it would be nice to see the district move into this decade.   The computers and software are really  old.

Renovate or Replace the junior high?    Yes the district needs a new junior high.   There is so much wrong with the current building its disturbing.

A police liaison?  Just make administration behave and you would not need a police liaison.  It’s a black eye on the district that they would even consider this as the high school and junior high already think the police dept is at their personal employees.   Just make administration behave, that is where the trouble starts.

4k?    It is really is not fair to carry out 4k when there are so many needs in the district, which that point has been expressed by many already.   4k is a want, not a need as there are other options parents can seek out.    A good quality daycare, with 4k curriculum .  Because that is all 4k is , is daycare with a good curriculum.  4k is a want.

The district needs to take care of the students it already has, which it is not doing.

My aunt , uncle and cousins live in Evansville as well and asked me what I thought.  I told my uncle that I thought 4k and a new junior high were things people do need to consider.  The rest of these wants need to come out of the budget.  But if they are going to lump them all into one referendum I would vote no.

The only pressing issue I see from the questions I am aware of is the need for a new junior high.  Even with that if the district will continue to have declining enrollment is it better to just renovate the current building and hold off on building?

The district lost 100+ students this year to open enrollment.  They need to fix some thing internally before more money gets thrown at them.

The fact they want to include some of these items in the referendum shows everyone they have a problem budgeting.

They really need to sit down and make a plan and stick with it.  So far all they have shown is they have a list of wants,not needs.

Evansville administrators showed their true colors and concern.

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Their concern was for them selves.   When they made sure they got their contracts all worked out and done before the teachers.   Shame on them.    It was all about them and what they wanted.

The Evansville school board should have said ” NO WAY”  you wait like the teachers and we will work all the contracts out at once.     But now the teachers get what if left over after administration took what it wanted.

Shame on them.  It’s not about what’s best for the district but what’s best for their pocket-book.

Parkview seeks feedback in steering district’s future — GazetteXtra

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Where are they going to get the money for some of these plans/ideas.  There last two referendums have failed and they are losing on average a 100 kids a year.

Nothing has improved enough in that district to make anyone think another referendum would pass.

When referendum passes it’s a sign tax payers are happy with how a school is being run.   It’s like a reward for doing what you should be doing.

If Evansville has any thoughts of a referendum for things they should have done and paid for years ago I can almost guarantee it will fail.

The schools are not run well.   We have a administration that enjoys making enemies of teacher and staff.  We have a school board that can not make hard decisions.   So they are floundering around.    IF one is not good at making hard decisions stay off the school board.

IF you are not good at listening when people try to warn you, stay off the school board.

I will say one of the biggest issues with the school board is they are all either friends, or related to some one who works in the school district.

I am really surprised by how many people are related in this town, they should really be careful of inbreeding, for some I fear it’s to late.

No one wants to lay off their friend/brother/sister/cousin are tell them they are not getting a raise or keeping their benefits.   But it needs to be done.

We also already pay outrageous taxes in part because of the school.  People are not happy.   The district has become a joke.

For my first two years of high school I went to Albany.   My junior and Senior year I went to a private christian school.

My sister went to a private school for a year and a half before graduating from Albany.

My sister went to Evansville for  a while.

Back in the day Evansville was considered a good school.  People. found ways to come to our district.  Now the flee.

I remember parents talking about Albany schools back then how they are now talking about Evansville.   Most agree on the fact Evansville just can not compete, it fails in the college prep area,  and testing.  It really does remind me of Albany.

Parkview seeks feedback in steering district’s future — GazetteXtra.

Budget In put meeting tonight.

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This easily could go down as the biggest waste of time.   Below is what I submitted on the school’s website under the budget input link before they removed the link.

I had several people question where that link went.   So I told them just to email board members.  Below is what I submitted before the link was removed.  The fact they removed the link goes to show they really do not want to hear from the public,  you know the people who pay very high taxes in part because of the school.

I am writing with some thoughts on the school board budget.   I know that all of you would like to blame the majority of  these issues on Gov. Walker when it comes to the  mess you are in.

But the simple truth is you have done it to your selves.   The board and  administration has been warned for years about declining numbers and money and have failed to make any substanial


There is plenty of blame to go around    . The board is as much at fault as administration.  Because the board gives the last o.k. for the budget.,  for expenditures.

The teacher’s are also to blame.   They have been greedy and felt entitled for years and look at the toll it has taken on the district.

First you have failed to addressed the issue of all the students fleeing the district through open enrollment.  That is a lot of money.    Being you are in the financial trouble you are in  the joke really is on you  that you have not taken this issue seriously.

I have been told by staff members of certain classes at the high school that have less than 10 students in them.   Why are you paying a teacher to teach classes with low numbers.   That is a huge waste of money.

Take a good look at what you are paying coaches.   WHY did teacher’s come forward last year and took pay cuts  yet  you are still paying these coaches the same as they were?   Why have these coaches not come forward and offered to take pay cuts ,   or take very little pay?

Sorry to tell you but Evansville is not a sports power  house yet some in administration like to pretend we are.

You need to have better curriculum choices at the high school.  You  are so being out played by almost every district around you when it comes to better and more curriculum choices.

Why  would you allow administrators do work out there contracts before the budget issues were worked out?    Pretty convenient how they made sure they got what they wanted, and now they are out to screw the teachers.

My cousin subs within the E.S.D. and its embarrassing some of the things going on.

I  do think money has to be spent on technology and new text books.   It’s a shame the board and administration has allowed our district to get so far behind everyone else.    I know for a fact the Junior High is very text book anemic.

Well that is about it.


In the end the school board and administration will do as they please  regardless of input.    They always have and that is why they are in the mess they are.  It all circles back to them.

They like to act like they know so much more than the taxpayers , but by the mess they are in it goes to show they are not.   It is just a act.

Look for the press release in the Review regarding public comment session on the budget.

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Karen Aikman endorsement

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For any one who gets the Review .    Karen Aikman has given a very nice endorsement of Melissa Hammann and it’s in this week’s Review.


Thank you Karen.

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