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The Teacher-Run School: Coming to a City Near You – Order of Education

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I really think this is sounding like a very interesting idea.   It would save a lot of money.   The teacher’s who helped in the actual running of the school would need to be compensated but not to the $$$$$ amount we pay now.

I also think teacher’s clearly know more about what is truly going on than administration.

I would think morale would be better.

The Teacher-Run School: Coming to a City Near You – Order of Education.

Evansville Observer: OpEd: The Observer celebrates the end of the 4 Period Day

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I agree with Observer.  Good riddance.  The kids need math and science every day.

If the teachers taught for the full 90 minutes it would be different.  They do not .  They only teach about half that time and then the kids work on home work.

The teacher’s use the time for prep time, to answer the occasional question.   Really its been a shame.

The teacher’s are only for it because it means more jobs with it and less with out.  Some people are going to lose their jobs if they dump the block schedule.  That is what it’s all about for them.

Come to a board meeting you will see and hear that for your self.

The kids really need math and science daily.


I am glad to see the Observer weigh in on a very important subject.



Evansville Observer: OpEd: The Observer celebrates the end of the 4 Period Day.


Ellie Haberl receives Kohls Educator of the year award.

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Ellie Haberl is an English teacher at E.H.S. and if your child has never had her as a teacher they are truly missing out.  She is just out standing.     She is a teacher who if she ever said”I need 90,000 a year to stay here at Evansville and teach .”   I would be the first one to say ” Give it to her.”     I would also be advocating for the district to pay for her insurance and buy her a retirement home in Florida.    They should also pay for college for any children she has or may have.    She is just that out standing.     She truly loves what she is doing and it shows.   She gets kids who normally would not be engaged in learning to jump right in and be involved and engaged.

The above statement is saying a lot coming from me as those who follow the blog know.

But I just can not impress enough what out standing teacher she is.

Not all teacher’s are the same.  They are not all like Ellie Haberl.    I wish more of them were.

She is just out standing  , please give her a big congratulations if you see her at school or around town.

Congratulations Ellie!

Milton Superintendent resigns.

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So these grown employee’s were uncomfortable?    Uncomfortable things happen all the time but most people do not try to ruin some one’s career because they are uncomfortable.

Was he grabbing someone ?   Was he leering at anyone , after looking at this photo.    Did he compare someone’s ” assets”  to another person’s ” assets.”  ?    These are grown ups we are talking about  right?

ON THE flip side.   Rules are rules.   He may have done it innocently enough but rules are rules.It also make us wonder if there were not some other issues going on and these ” employees” took advantage of this situation to try to get rid of him.

He makes out quite well.  Full pay and benefits until the end of the year.   That must be really nice,  PLUS a severance package?

I thought when one resigns , they resign.    Just like if someone quits they are not normally eligible for unemployment.

He will do just fine and continue his nice vacation on the tax payer dime.

Does everyone remember the Janesville School District having the same problem a couple years ago.  John Walczak resigned and received a nice pay out from the district.

Employment numbers are UP!!!!!!!

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Lets see how romney and crew spins that!!!!


In Madison Schools Safety for ALL comes first. Time for Evansville to get with it.

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As part of the hiring process for M.M.S.D.   all potential and current employees are required to be tested for TB.

YET Jerry Roth was worried about religious rights of  current and potential employee’s.


Time for Jerry Roth to quit worrying about what his friends/employees might think  and put the safety of the students first.

Evansville wants to act like they are a ‘big’ school they need to start playing like the big boys.



this is from the M.M.S. D. web page.


Applications are accepted online for these positions at any time. Once your application is complete, you will receive an email to complete an online assessment, called the Support InSight. Qualified candidates will be placed into an eligibility pool to be interviewed by school principals as openings arise that require experience and training similar to your background. You will interview with the principal of each school to which you are referred. Interview timelines vary, depending on the volume of applications we receive and the number of vacancies that arise.

The inital offer of employment from Human Resources is contingent upon completion of:

  • Candidate Disclosure Statement (part of our criminal record check process)
  • Fingerprinting (part of our criminal record check process)
  • Physical Exam, including TB test
  • License Application (SEAs must be licensed by the Deparment of Public Instruction)
  • State (W-T4) and Federal (W-4) Tax Withholding forms
  • Verification of Employment Eligibility (I9) form
  • Signed Application
  • Direct Deposit form
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