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Discover Wisconsin: Being Bullied Into Not Reporting Bullying in the Evansville School District.

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There was  a rather ugly situation this last week on one of the buses.   A high school girl was posting on Facebook, and telling friends that another high school student , a young man was picking on and bullying a junior high student.     The male high school student was calling this young man retard, and gay.  Making comments about how gay people are disgusting.

This was reported to Jerry Roth who dispatched duties of investigation to the Junior High principal and A principal at the Evansville High School ..  I feel very bad for this high school girl who told what she saw and heard.   AS the  so-called principal at the high school accused her of lying and told her he did not believe her.     This girl does not lie.    She had no reason for saying this about this high school boy other than he said these things to the junior high student and it bothered her.   She knew it was not right.

She was also told by this principal that she was not to talk about it again.    Really I was not surprised by the comments and laughable investigation by the high school principal because they have made this comment to many kids over the years.  Telling them they can not talk about it anymore.     So what are kids to do when the bullying continues?    Ignore it?

This behavior/bullying  by the principals at the high school has gone on for years.   My daughter was subject to it.   That is why the issue of bullying has never gotten better in the Evansville school district because they do not fix it, they just call people liars and threaten them if they dare to speak of it again.   They have gone as far as to threaten to call the police.

But yet when a witness comes forward telling of bullying/harassment they saw and they are told by administration/principals they are liars, and they are not to talk about it again its called  intimidation of a witness and it’s illegal.

I can think of a dozen kids who have had this problem at the high school.    This abusive behavior has gone on for years in the Evansville School District.

Recently a psychiatrist in Madison told me ” Evansville school district has so many problems on so many levels and bullying is just the tip of the issues.”    A sad way for the Evansville school district to be known.



Discover Wisconsin: So Brodhead is getting a SHOPKO.. and here sits Evansville with nothing.

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Every time we go to Brodhead for a game or drive through on the way to Monroe, I wonder how it is Brodhead has so much more industry and retail stores than Evansville. They are a fraction of the size of  Evansville the last time I looked almost half  if that.   Yet they have more retail shops, restaurants, and industry.   They have for years.   Now Shopko has tagged them as where they want to be.   Most of these retail stores have been there for years, yet you will hear Brodhead residents claim they do not shop in town , but there down town is filled with retail stores, not offices.  This would suggest they get tourism!!!  People come to shop in Brodhead!!!   In Evansville the offices in the down town area are as many as the retail stores.   Offices do not bring tourism and business into town .   Retail stores do.  Unique , fun stores.

The Mayor in Brodhead it’s his family that owns the pharmacy in town.   This pharmacy has been there for years.   But many do not go there because of service.

I wonder why Shopko would choose Brodhead when they already have a store in Monroe, and Monroe is as close to Brodhead as Janesville is to us.   If they go a little further the other way there is Janesville.

But this would be a huge win for Brodhead if Shopko ends up there.   Because Shopko will not compete with their UNIQUE stores,  the hardware store there has never been anything to speak of not like our nice hard ware store here in town.

Those in charge in Brodhead clearly know how to get things done , and attract industry and retail .   They have not dumped millions in to their down town only to have it fail .   They have not dumped thousands into DISCOVER WISCONSIN only to have it be a epic failure.

mayor decker tries to claim that Discover Wisconsin was very successful.  I will just come out and say what many have said that I have talked to. Bullshit!   Just ask the business’s that have left the down town area in the last year.  mayor decker like many politicians we have heard in the last week from Iowa,  spins the truth to fit her own agenda.   One look at the down town and you know she is trying to put a good spin on  bad news.   To taint the truth .

If this Shopko never goes  into Brodhead it is clear Brodhead knows how to attract business, how to get things done.  How to lower taxes.

Maybe our mayor and council members, city leaders  could get tutored by those in Brodhead .

Discover Wisconsin:::What happened/What will happen to our down town. Evansville Observer Video and Audio.

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WOW..  big loss to our down town.  With the soon to be closing of the antique store, and Kristy’s party place.

I had told Kristy when she opened.  ” If you had asked I would have told you not to, because Evansville sucks at supporting local business in particular specialty shops.

I have supported her when I could , but how many balloons and invites does one person need.

SO WHAT does that leave??  The Sew Many Threads,   De Ja Vue, which I love, the ceramics shop (for what it is.) and the pharmacy.  There is also Matthias James, I love his work.

BUT really as we all know there is nothing to draw people to Evansville.

IT’S SAD when the Rummage Sale Weekend is the biggest draw of the year.

They are going to do the Windmill Festival again this year but as we all know that is nothing but a joke.

They have put the Farmer’s market out of sight and mind.   Why they ever moved them I do not know.

What about the TIF District in the down town, not looking so good now.   WE the taxpayer’s had better not end up taking the hit for that if it fails.

INSTEAD of doing ” Discover Wisconsin”  which was just ridiculous and has done nothing for anyone.  They should have done a commercial like Milton did with the money.

That would have made a lot more sense.  Milton has a very nice commercial that actually brings business to their town.  We actually have checked out a couple of their shops that we never would have known were there if they had not put out that commercial.

Discover Wisconsin has shown it self to be a silly waste of money.

IT failed to do what the Mayor said it would do.

NO new business has come into this town in years.

Just building new houses that sit empty along with over 100 current real estate listings in the area.  Ridiculous to build new when you can not sell what there is already..

The Evansville Observer has some really good video and audio from years past on what the Mayor and Alderpersons thought they were going to do, by dumping money into the down town.

They failed in a big way and it has cost the taxpayers a lot of money.

DISCOVER WISCONSIN::::Tonights School Board Meeting….. GOOD GRIEF.

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The school board meeting is tonight.   On the Agenda is discussion of funding the youth center.   Fund 80.

WHY this talk is even being thrown around I do not know.

Oh yes I do.  OUR mayor went and actually asked the school board for money.  The School,  the one who is facing serious budget issues it self.

WHY did she do this?   BECAUSE our Mayor and city alder-persons have royally screwed up the budget.   They like their pretty things but are clueless when it comes to paying for them.

THE CITY SCREWED UP, AND NOW they want someone to clean up after them.

DO you remember when the DEAN building was donated to the city FOR THE KIDS?   IT was gifted for use for the KIDS.

WELL NOW ,  we have the E.M.S. in that building and the kids in the SHACK next to the Junior HIGH.     The E.M.S. should have gotten a new building , not be shoved in to the Dean building.    IT seem’s as though they are always getting the short end of the stick.

But any way back to this fund 80 issue.    The mayor when she asked the board for this money,  THREATENED to take the money for the youth center out of the budget.

HER priorities are royally screwed up.   There is nothing for the kids in this town to do.   She feels its more important to have rumble strips, lakes, community centers, pinwheels, and fix up the down town which is,  still lacking any real tourism despite spending almost 40k to hire Discover Wisconsin.

The budget for the youth center as it is, is around a measly 30k,  she needs to find the money some where in the budget to pay for this.  The school should not have to clean up after her and our alderpersons.


THE MAYOR was none to pleased when that was suggested at the meeting.




THE other thing I find funny and obnoxious about her going to the school is .  Any time I bring up how high our taxes our in this town they ( Mayor and Alderpersons) point their fingers at the school,   and now they go begging for money??????  from the school .. Good Grief.

This is the city’s mess and they need to make cuts all around in every dept,   not just say NO increases in your budgets for next year, but cut their budgets.    Every dept in this town can find places to make cuts.     But some of these dept. heads think they should not have to.

The money is there,  they just have to find it.   Quit spending on stupid projects like the pinwheel.


IT is outrageous that she had the guts to go begging for money from the school.

Good Grief.

Discover WisconsinCountry Thunder.. Wet

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I know of a bunch of kids that headed over to Country Thunder yesterday….

By the looks of radar last night, and this a.m.,, they are more than likely floating inside their tents.

Hopefully it will dry off today for them.

But regardless I am sure they are having fun… a little water won’t stop them.

Discover Wisconsin

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That is something my family and I have truly been trying to do this summer.   There really is a lot to do and see in our own Beautiful state.

We have made a real effort to see and explore all as many state parks as possible this summer.   So far Devils Lake State Park is my favorite.

But we also have gone to Yellow Stone,  Gov.Dodge,  Kettle Moraine North, Copper Falls, Heritage Hill State Park.. and we are not done yet.  Most all of the parks we have been to are dog friendly so that is a huge plus.

We also visit the towns in the area of these parks while we are there.   There truly are some beautiful areas.

“”””””””””  On another subject we leave for Tennessee for vacation  in a few weeks and we plan on stopping at  state parks we find in the area.  If anyone knows of beautiful parks down their let us know.     We  are a family that loves to hike and swim.. always looking for new areas to explore.

Discover Wisconsin:::It’s better than nothing, former officer found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

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I  feel for Oscar Grant’s family.   BUT they need to realize that he could have been acquitted  all together.  I am glad they found him guilty, because if nothing he was extremely careless.

This former officer will NEVER work in law enforcement again,  he will have a hard time finding a decent job.   He is guilty.    He will more than likely do some jail time.

I can understand the family wanting a harsher sentence but too many officer’s who have done the same thing, have walked away.  Be grateful he was found guilty.

OSCAR GRANT’S  FAMILY needs to plead for calm,  because it was a GUILTY verdict.    HE was found guilty..

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