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Mr. Anthony Cao, Madison West High School Choral director , named Top Notch Teacher by Channel 3000

Posted in Music with tags , , on October 6, 2014 by chasinthenews

Mr. Anthony Cao , music teacher from Madison West was named teacher of the month by Channel 3000 , Top Notch teacher award.

. Finding words to describe him is near impossible. He not only teaches he also is Chorus master with the Madison Opera he also is the Artistic director for Madison Chamber concert. So happy for him. He us just an awesome teacher, Andy really likes him. We feel very fortunate that he was Andy’s teacher. Madison West is very fortunate to have him. He just brings such excitement and fun to music. He gets the kids and parents so involved. On concert nights there is just an excitement that I have never found at any other high school concert before. Madison West does attract the best.

Mr. Anthony Cao.

Mr. Anthony Cao.

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