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UPDATE: Janesville superintendent apologizes for pro-gay marriag – WKOW 27: Madison, WI Breaking News, Weather and Sports

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Parents should have been advised of this video a head of time.  Give parents the chance to opt their kids out.   That way the community/school/peers  would know whose parents are bigots.

It was at the high school for Pete’s sake,  not kindergarteners.






UPDATE: Janesville superintendent apologizes for pro-gay marriag – WKOW 27: Madison, WI Breaking News, Weather and Sports.

VIDEO: Congressman Threatens To Throw Reporter Off Balcony : The Two-Way : NPR

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So Rep. Rimm today says he ‘ did not have time’  for the reporter questions about the investigation surrounding him and his campaign.

Hmmmm??  He did not have time to answer legitimate questions yet he had time to walk away from this reporter, then come back and threaten him.

He had time to threaten him, but not answer a legitimate question?   Rep. Rimm is a bully and I hope he is ousted in the next election.



VIDEO: Congressman Threatens To Throw Reporter Off Balcony : The Two-Way : NPR.

Sisters, friend take stand against bullying | Local News – WMTW Home

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What a great job they have done..






Sisters, friend take stand against bullying | Local News – WMTW Home.


More examples about bullying in the Evansville School district.

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This is a  problem we had at the Evansville High School and I have literally told dozens of people about it, including the school board.   I decided after last week’s events where it’s clear it’s the goal of the Evansville School district to try to cover up just how bad the bullying is .. it time to go online, national,  world-wide , about the bullying issues in the Evansville School District and how little to nothing they do about them.   .

When my daughter was a sophomore at Evansville High School almost right from the beginning of the school year she complained about a young man who in class and outside of class like at lunch time would pick at her.   Making comments about how she looked, how she dressed, how she talked, what kind of grades she got.. Any thing he could think of.     My complaints about this young man and this situation are very well documented through emails to the school and Scott Everson, a.k.a.  principal

.Scott Everson also suggested to us it was all in our daughters head,  that she was making more of it than what she should.

Scott Everson tried for months to tell me it was more my daughters fault because she would not ignore him.   So it was her fault she was being bullied according to the thinking of Scott Everson.

KEEP in mind this is all very well documented by us through emails ..    We complained many, many times.   We always got the same result.   Our daughter needed to ignore this obnoxious kid.

It all came to a huge blow up one day in class when this kid was making his nasty comments was confronted by another classmate of my daughters.   This classmate of my daughters told this obnoxious kid to  ” shut up and leave her alone.”     SO IT MUST NOT HAVE been just in my daughter’s head , and it had gotten so ridiculous that other class mates were/ had and were noticing.

The obnoxious kid who had picked on my daughter for months confronted the well-meaning classmate of my daughters.    It unfortunately came to the obnoxious kid getting in the well-meaning classmates face and yep you guessed it  blows/pushing shoving was exchanged.

The well-meaning classmate ended up suspended and the obnoxious kid what happened to him????     Good question.   For that particular incident I do not know.

I do know in her junior year they made sure they did not put him in the same classes as her.       But it took violence between two students for the morons who run the school to do some thing about the situation.   In the mean time my daughter had been bullied/teased/harassed for 3/4 of the year.

Kim Katezenmeyer was also very aware of the situation and did not to help resolve it.    This is a situation where if teacher’s were fined for not reporting or stopping bullying it could have made a difference.

AS I said before very well documented , with Kim Katzenmeyer copied on some of the emails.

It’s time to stop protecting these teacher’s and schools who allow the bullying to continue.

****** I am sure at this point the school wishes it had not done so much communicating with through email as it backs up the many issues we had/have with them.

The Evansville School District ,  the high school in particular fails to protect its students from bullying.  The Junior High comes in a very close second to being bad about dealing with it.

They allow girls to go through the halls calling each other whore , slut, or worse..  BUT GOD FORBID YOU SAY  CORN OR TRACTOR BECAUSE IT MIGHT OFFEND SOMEONE.

** LOOK up corn or tractor in the urban dictionary.

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Discover Wisconsin: Being Bullied Into Not Reporting Bullying in the Evansville School District.

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There was  a rather ugly situation this last week on one of the buses.   A high school girl was posting on Facebook, and telling friends that another high school student , a young man was picking on and bullying a junior high student.     The male high school student was calling this young man retard, and gay.  Making comments about how gay people are disgusting.

This was reported to Jerry Roth who dispatched duties of investigation to the Junior High principal and A principal at the Evansville High School ..  I feel very bad for this high school girl who told what she saw and heard.   AS the  so-called principal at the high school accused her of lying and told her he did not believe her.     This girl does not lie.    She had no reason for saying this about this high school boy other than he said these things to the junior high student and it bothered her.   She knew it was not right.

She was also told by this principal that she was not to talk about it again.    Really I was not surprised by the comments and laughable investigation by the high school principal because they have made this comment to many kids over the years.  Telling them they can not talk about it anymore.     So what are kids to do when the bullying continues?    Ignore it?

This behavior/bullying  by the principals at the high school has gone on for years.   My daughter was subject to it.   That is why the issue of bullying has never gotten better in the Evansville school district because they do not fix it, they just call people liars and threaten them if they dare to speak of it again.   They have gone as far as to threaten to call the police.

But yet when a witness comes forward telling of bullying/harassment they saw and they are told by administration/principals they are liars, and they are not to talk about it again its called  intimidation of a witness and it’s illegal.

I can think of a dozen kids who have had this problem at the high school.    This abusive behavior has gone on for years in the Evansville School District.

Recently a psychiatrist in Madison told me ” Evansville school district has so many problems on so many levels and bullying is just the tip of the issues.”    A sad way for the Evansville school district to be known.


Wisconsin High School Student Bullied by Teachers. Tells his story to FOX news.

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It’s a thin line between teaching and preaching.   This is not the first I have heard about teacher’s trying to impress their political views on their students.  It’s happened here in Evansville but I do not believe to the degree this young man faced.    I would hope if it has or ever does the students would report it.    It’s odd though is it not how he ended up on Fox News?

Alena Nightoak takes her own life. A victim of bullying.– Another sad story out of Wisconsin schools.

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This is just yet another sad story of the effects of bullying.   This was a kind, beautiful young lady.  Yet she was bullied endlessly by certain kids who really should be held criminally responsible.    She suffered from anxiety and depression.   Any one who is bullied suffers from anxiety and depression.   It comes with being bullied.     She actively spoke out against bullying and had made u-tube videos on being bullied.

I am just waiting for the Marshall High School to come out with a statement saying they ” had no idea.”   That seems to be standard for schools caught not doing enough about bullying.  The Evansville School District has a huge bullying problem, always has.   They have done very little to solve the issues.  The administrators in our school will tell anyone who will listen it’s not that bad,  example of the silly , understated report they gave at a recent board meeting.     But ask any number of parents in the E.S.D. and they can tell you just how bad the bullying is in the district.

If it comes to light the school knew and did little to nothing to prevent the bullying the administrators, and any teacher also need to be held criminally and have civil liability.   That is the only way schools are going to start taking it seriously and do some thing about it.

From elementary on up to high school.      Evansville School District administrators and certain staff should be ashamed of them selves.

There were two different kids that we are aware of that attempted suicide last year in the Evansville School District because of being bullied.  It’s funny how those numbers were not pointed out by the staff at the board meeting.


This is just such a very sad story.    It could have been prevented if kids were just taught it’s not o.k. to bully.  Some times the bulling starts with the parents. They are or were bullies.   Our thoughts and prays are with her family and friends.   So very sad.

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