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LONG Board Meeting on May 14 Was a Breath of Fresh Air — Melissa’s thoughts on May 14th’s board meeting.

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It sounds like it was a very interesting meeting.   I find it funny( when really it’s not) that part of the plan put together by administrator’s violates a teacher’ s contract.

I absolutely agree these administrators are not doing their job.    They have had months to put together a work able , lawful plan and this is what they come with?

If they are trying to make them selves look foolish , they have accomplished that.

I firmly believe they think they can stone wall , stall the school board.   That they think they(administration) think they are smarter than anyone else in the room.

Sorry they would be so wrong.

THEN there is the question of the continuing decline in enrollment.   LOOK directly at your administration they are a big part of the problem.   WE as tax payers are paying for their ignorance and arrogance.   FOR to long Heidi Carvin has let her administration do as they please , and it shows.

I had a nice long talk with Nancy Hurley this week.  She is such a nice lady and an excellent school board member.  She works very hard for our students in our district.

She also used to teach so she knows what should be flying in our schools and what should not.   IF you have a problem within the district I strongly urge you to call or email Nancy.

But the district is losing money, a lot of money do to declining enrollment and we as tax payers can not afford that.  Anyone who has a student in the district can not afford that.  It means cuts to classes and teacher’s and it’s clear the administration does not give a damn.    Evansville Schools are nothing like they used to be.    We need leaders in the district who will bring the school back to where it was a district people wanted their kids to go to, not leaving because they are sick of the b.s.

The surveys do not just send them to families who leave do to Open enrollment but send one to everyone who does not come back, or leaves mid year.    Because I have no doubt the numbers of kids leaving a year is closer to 100.   Parents who pull their kids from the district, but do not move but seek out other schools or home school..    The Open enrollment numbers are just the tip of the ice berg, the numbers are higher than that.    Look at the families who live here but their kids do not go to school here.    Declining enrollment is higher than just the Open enrollment numbers.

Take a few minutes and read Melissa’s article.    I want to personally thank her for covering the school board meetings.   I have said all along she knows her stuff.  She knows how the numbers work and she is the best one to report on them.. She is very good at separating the b.s.  from the real truth.

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