Thank You Carolyn Veek Courtesy of the Evansville Review. Subject :4K and Lazy Parents.

IMG_0001                         This is what I have said all along.   LAZY PARENTS THINK they need 4k.   Lazy, Lazy, unmotivated parents.    The only positive thing about Evansville now having 4k is they can STOP talking about 4k.

SO NOW that Evansville has 4k we will all expect and are entitled to see GREAT things.  Top of chart test scores,  responsible, outgoing, social children..  Children graduating early because 4k has just given them that much of a boost.


Because you know 4K  is going to save the world.  O.K.  maybe not the world,  but the Evansville School District.

What a joke.


Thank you to Kelly Gildner as well for publishing that because it’s not to often anymore that she publishes letter to the editors.  She is picky about the letters she publishes.  So thank you to her.



This letter to the editor is from the Evansville Review the week of April 21st 2014


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