Oregon’s Senior Project. Evansville Should Take A Page.



So simple.    Easily explained.


My question would be to the Evansville Administration who came up with this hair brain idea.  Do they walk the walk?    That same walk you are asking these kids to do?

I can tell you for a fact a couple of them do not.


Volunteering is a great service anyone can do.  Everyone should do.  Even if its only a couple hours a month.

Many students already do,  have since they were very young.

Church,  Girl Scouts , Boy Scouts.. .  Humane Societies or rescues.

The library,  The Care Closet..  All places I have watched kids volunteering at.


Volunteering is great.    If it  is great for college applications and resumes.  It is great for one’s being.  It’s a gift anyone can give.


It is just some thing so easy to do and no one is that ” busy.”   that they can not find a few hours.


But the way the E.C. S.D. has set up this Senior Project,  is reads and looks like people who themselves had no real idea how to carry out it . I do not blame the teachers who declined one bit to take part in this. There are to many questions administration can’t or won’t answer.


AT the Freshman meeting at Madison West at the start of the year they preached getting your kids into volunteering if they were not already doing so.


My son and his basketball and football teammates have participated in several volunteer programs since the start of the year.

My daughter and I both volunteer at a local animal rescue two Saturday’s a month and she volunteers one afternoon a week at a local nursing home.

It has actually helped her to decide what she wants to do after high school ..


Show and encourage kids the many ways to help , volunteer.   Most kids are just looking and needing that guidance  and will continue to do it long after school is out.


It does not take a ” Senior Project. ”  to give back to the community.. Many students already do.


Now back to our administrators who came up with this handy dandy idea?    They volunteer where?


Link to Oregon’s Senior Project.




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