April 9 board agenda.pdf

I will post the packet when they do.


I noticed on this agenda recognition of Mason and Dennis for their time served on the board.

Dennis did a fantastic job while on the board.   It is not a easy job.   HE gave a lot of his time.  Thank you Dennis.   Just a super nice guy.


Mason..   well it was a short run.  But the knowledge he brought to the board was very much needed.   Mason has held a position in public service for years.  For many years at the city level and now the school district.    I want to thank him.   I have had my issues with Mason on different things .  But Mason was always willing to talk to anyone who questioned what the city or school was doing.   People may not like what he had to say/did not agree.  But as far as I know he never turned anyone away that had a question.   He put in many hours and research on different issues.   He deserves our thank you.   I was surprised he did not win another round on the board.   But I also think it was time for some new eyes and voices on the board.   Thank you Mason not just for the time on the board but also your time as a City Alderman.   Thank you to his wife as well because he put in a lot of hours.


They are also having a discussion on a alternative high school education discussion.   CAN we please discuss first the behavior of Scott Everson and Brian Cashore?   IF they maybe behaved and did not stalk and bully kids maybe there would be NO need for this.      Neither one knows how to run a school.

I plan on sharing our personal experience with them in the near future.  A story of night and day.


HOW EVER…    IN MADISON they have many options for students who are not finding success in the regular classroom.  They have classes that start at 8am that go to 3:36.  That is when the majority of kids go.    BUT they also have classes that go from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. ..  they also have regular night school.     Their summer school program is out standing from what I have been told with many options.

I think the biggest question would be how many kids are going to get to go to the alternate school program?   YOU CAN NOT MAKE THEM.. after how they are treated by Scott Everson and Brian Cashore why should they?   


There are so many options out there for getting a high school diploma ..  kids who are stalked and bullied by teachers and administration  do not need the Evansville School district.




April 9 board agenda.pdf.


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