Did you get your survey from the E.C.S.D.? Why a referendum when you have a MILLION plus in the fund balance.



Oh my goodness, where to start.

I got a chance to read this survey over the weekend.

It’s funny how they do not even put an estimate in for the costs of 4k.   They did for other things they want.   But not for 4k.

Every  thing that I read on that survey, with the exception of the junior high is a want, not a need.

Yes the curriculum is a need as are the updates to computers and software.   But these things need to be paid for out of the budget.

The last time I knew they have a MILLION plus in the fund balance.   They could pay for 4k out of the fund balance.   They could upgrade the curriculum and computers and software through the fund balance.  They have the money.

More pay for teacher’s and to attract good teachers? Well maybe you could keep and attract more teachers if administration treated them better.

I know for a fact the moral at the junior high and high school, the moral has been awful for a long time.  It’s not all about money,  it’s about how they are treated.

I also think Evansville does need to implement merit pay,  pay the teachers who really deserve it more and let the others work for it.  But regardless it needs to come out of the budget.

The majority of the questions on this survey shows they have serious budgeting issues.

Why go to referendum and raise taxes when you have the money.     The Evansville school district is the highest taxed district in the county and they want to add more?


Throwing money at this district is not going to help it.  The things they need to fix are internal things and only then will real change happen.


The link below gives more information on this survey as well.





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