A sad week in Evansville again.

It seems like Evansville in the last few years had more than its share of heart ache.

Evansville lost Clayton Smith this last week.   He had many friends in Evansville.

Last night  Liz Proctor was killed in a car accident.  She leaves behind a very young baby and many friends and family .

Both of them so very young.

What I was sad to see was a certain person from the Evansville area whose own brother died several years ago, bashing this young man and saying how stupid he was. The year was 2007.

Really?    Like what your brother did was not stupid?        I have defended this person and family for years.    But to see her make some of the comments she did was just unacceptable.

I guess she forgot as a family member of some one who has died tragically , what that feels like to have people make comments about your loved one.

Our thought and prays are with both these families  at this difficult time.


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