Divide up any referendum

I hope if this referendum does come to be that they divide it up.    It would be a mistake to lump every thing together in one large sum of money and think Evansville residents are going to fall for it.

Divide it up into separate questions.

Option 1

I support the following vote yes to _____________ amount for updating computers technology,  teacher pay&benefits,  purchasing curriculum , and 4k and renovating the junior high.

Option 2

I support and vote yes in spending ______________ for 4k.

Option 3

I support spending _________________for building/renovating the junior high and I also support 4k.

Option 4

and so on…..

As they found out with the high school it was easier to get people to vote yes when options were given.

This way when/if it fails they can also see exactly where the numbers are at for and against different items.

IF this goes to referendum  I really do not see this passing , at the very least not at a first time around.


3 Responses to “Divide up any referendum”

  1. I am one of those people who would vote yes for pieces of what they want but not for all these different things. If they only give us one option I would vote no. That is if this even goes that far.

  2. I commented repeatedly that if they want to pass a referendum they need to spend the money they say they’re going to spend and not sock away a million dollars over the last six years and then claim poverty.

  3. chasinthenews Says:

    I think if they are serious about 4k, or updating curriculum and computers they will pay for it out of this 1 million plus+ The only thing I can see needing to go to referendum for is a new junior high or to renovate the old one. For what it will cost to make that junior high half way decent it might be smarter to build. It’s not that I am a fan of 4k, but I truly do believe they are misleading those 4k supporters in thinking there is no money, that it would take a referendum. If they push this 4k issue to a referendum it tells me administration and the board really are not that interested in having 4k in Evansville. There is still a lot of opposition in Evansville to 4k. These surveys they sent out about 4k this last week among other things, the results will be some what misleading as there are no figures on this survey for what it will cost to have 4k in Evansville and that is what it will come down to for most, money. The benefits of 4k just do not out way the costs. If they want this they need to pay for it with the money from the fund balance.

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