There is more to testing.

This picture really does make me laugh.   It is what teacher’s have tried to explain for some time.   No I have not changed my mind, all schools have to be held accountable,  just like the rest of our in our jobs.


Kids  all learn differently.

That is why these standardized tests are so frustrating.  They are expecting children with learning disability’ s to test like the rest.

What we are finding in the Madison schools as it’s time for finals, it’s not all paper and pencil finals.   One of the classes is doing oral presentations ,  another class has a project due,   another class let the students pick a history subject, inline with what they had studied so far this year and write a detailed report on the subject or person they choose.   Hands on projects /oral exams can be much more telling of where a student is at.

I feel sorry for the fish.   He will fail.   That is how it is for some students on standardized tests.    It is a funny pic!education-system


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