Gentlemen. Pull Up Your Pants.

While at the school one day, the Principal of the school came over the p.a. system.  He was just reminding students of certain schools rules that were starting to be ignored.  I had noticed the dress code seemed to be kind of loose.

As one teacher pointed out to me, “we worry more about academics then chasing students around over how they are dressed.”

The last thing the Principal mentioned in this announcement was  ” Gentlemen pull up your pants.”  .

I had to agree with that statement.  I do not enjoy walking behind anyone ( male or female) with their hind end hanging out

.  I do also appreciate that they realize academics should come before dress.

It’s funny the things Evansville administrators choose to pick at , and the things they ignore.

Lack of priorities by Evansville administration.    Maybe they should go back to school they could learn a few things from administrators in school districts where academics is priority one.

I just do not see what kids see in their pants hanging to their knees.


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