So has your opinion on 4k changed ? Would you send your 4 year old?

The 4k discussion has once again hit Evansville like a storm.   This is at least the 3rd time in the last 7-8 years that I know of.

In years past 4k was described as ‘ glorified daycare.’

From what I am understanding the standards have changed and they ( schools, government) want 4 year olds  to be able to do what used to be
expected in Kindergarten, in other words the standards have gone up at all levels.

Are these standards beyond what a parent could teach?   No.

Are there any guarantees  or studies this makes a big difference in the long run in terms of education for these 4 year olds?    No.

Take a good look at the Milwaukee school district they have had 4k for years and years.   Just look at that district.  As they have found and it has been shown the effects of 4k are minimal.

These are 4yr old’s trying to learn the basics , not a high school student attempting to master calculus.   No teacher needed.  Just a good , involved parent or a good pre-school .   From what I understand a couple of day cares already have certified pre-k teachers at their centers now teaching 4 year old’s.  So why should tax payers pay for a service that is already being covered by the daycare’s?

The district did a survey several months ago as to why so many were leaving the district.   The need for 4k came in almost last.

How ever we seem to have so many people drinking the Kool- Aid , and believing 4k is going to make their child a genius.

Teachers will tell you that schools have pushed for 4k for years.   Really its unions who have also pushed for it.   That is worry some.

As far as their argument that ‘ every school district around us is doing it”    I do not how many times our parents, or we as parents have said  ” I do not care what everyone else is dong I care about you, my child.”    The argument that everyone else is doing it is a weak argument.   It’s a desperate argument, it has no legs.

There is a lot of false advertising with 4k.

But maybe the time has come for Evansville.  ..

IF I still had to worry about voting for 4k I would vote yes providing the following happened.

NO referendum of any kind for any reason from the school district. 

They fund this with school funds with out.. laying off teachers or cutting other programs.

They only put 4k into play if the estimated numbers support 4k for the next 3-5 years out. 

That they only put 4k into play if future 4k parents 90% of these parents  or better agreed to send their kids to 4k for the full year.

I strongly encourage everyone to research 4k for your selves there is so much varying information out there for and against.  It’s hard to commit to spending that much money when the results vary wildly.   Do your home work on your own.


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