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This post for what ever reason has received over 65 reads today, which when new would not be odd.  But its older its  a little strange.   I strongly suggest parents who want 4k start questioning why so much is spent on athletics, when the academic needs are left to suffer, including no 4k.

This was originally posted March 28th, 2013.


It is absolutely amazing that administration would this last week came  to the school board wanting to add another COACH.    The administration wants to add an assistant girls softball coach.

They are asking to add another coach without making any kind of cuts at all to the co/extra curricular budget.    But yet the district continues to lay off teachers its is looking like they will lay off a minimum of 10 teachers this year.    10 teachers.   That is a lot considering the size of our district.

The board meeting this last week was heavily attended by teachers as it should have been.   Every single teacher in this district should be irate. .   That they are looking to add to the athletic programs ,  but cut academics  AGAIN.      Every single parent should be ticked.

Those involved like Brian Cashore,  Scott Everson, Robert Flaherty and Jerry Roth seem scared to death someone is going to cut their sports programs.   Yet NOT ONE single board member has even suggested that.   The only thing the board has asked is they look at their budgets.    The board has asked them repeatedly for certain information about co/extra curricular budgets and issues and the administration has failed to give it to them.  HOW many people would still have a job if your boss told you to do some thing and you did not?

A couple of weeks ago they came to the board suggesting we could close the open enrollment numbers if we added a sport like HOCKEY, to draw kids to our district.  That we could cover the costs of these programs by cutting a position.   That of a teacher.    THIS is the crap these clowns bring to the board.

NO one has ever suggested cuts.  NO one.   They just simply wanted information, better insight about what is going on.

WE have some administrators who thought they were jocks in high school and just can not let it go.   They live for sports .   They are protective of these programs like a MaMA Bear.  Yet no one has threatened them.

BUT to have the BALLS  to come to the school board and want to add another coach,  while at the same meeting talk about how many teacher’s they are going to cut.

There just seems to be this love affair between W.E.A.C. and the Evansville Athletic Association.     A deal of you scratch my back and I will scratch yours.

The Evansville School District most definitely needs its co/extra curricular activities.

For some kids it’s these sports/activities that bring them to school.   It these sports/activities that make them strive to get that 1.5 g.p.a. when other wise they may not.  They know where they have to be grade wise to play and take part.    For some kids it gives them the connection to school and people, friends, teachers that they may not other wise have.

NO one is suggesting not having these things but good grief open you eyes and plant some priorities.    Academics have to come first.

This have been a long on going love affair between   W.E.A.C.  and the Evansville Athletic Association.     They really have gotten hot and heavy the last couple of years.

IT is embarrassing.

Parents send their kids to a school district for academics not sports.


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