Suspect in corpse burning suspected of soliciting to escape from jail –

This guy truly is a idiot.

I have followed this case closely as have many in our area.   But I have gotten to see some things first hand , having Aprina’s family as neighbors.

I have empathy for their loss.  But I am embarrassed by how they have conducted themselves.   Having a fund-raiser scheduled before her body was even found?  It only took them less than a week to find her,  so what does that say about this so-called fund-raiser.

They have made this case about race.  I followed their facebook page for a couple of days and it quickly became a very racist page.  They lied to the media when interviewed, and then got caught in their own lies when the police reports came out.

They actually thought the national news was going to cover this and tried to get them to.  Why would the national news cover this?   She sadly was found , not alive, but found.    Some one is in custody.

They claimed the police had not given them answers.  well the police can not give answers they do not have.

Quite honestly they thought it should be covered by national media because she was black.  Like they were entitled.  I will point out, and they need to realize Nancy Grace and CNN cover crime against black people all the time, and usually right away.  They did not in Aprina Pauls case I believe because , she was found, there is a suspect,  and because of her back ground.

It is just a fact the hookers/prostitutes DIE every day in America.   YOU do not see the national news cover them.   Is this a flaw in the way we think as a society, or is it just hard to have a lot of sympathy for people who are adults and put them selves in this position?

Her family keeps saying ” She did not deserve what she got.”    Well NO of course not,  NO one deserves to die for their mistakes.   She made many.  But what exactly did she get?    WE may never know.    I personally think she O. D..   she was a drug user.  It’s not out of the question.

Middleton clearly did not want to go back to prison, he had been there before.  SO WHY would he take such a risk and kill her?

He should not have burned the body, but lets keep in mind for what we know now,   SHE WAS Already GONE.    She was in a much better place.   For her family yes it is horrible the thought.

HER family talks of God a lot,   but its funny how people use God when its convenient.  The rest of the time they live in away that God would not be impressed with.

It’s just the hard , cold facts.

Middleton will spend years,  and now more years for attempted escape in prison.   IF the test results from Aprina come back that she died in some murderous way he will be in prison for life.

The saddest part of this story is her family and friends knew what she was doing, selling drugs, using drugs, selling her self and did nothing.  These things have gone on for years .   They lied to the media,  and only told the police because they had to tell them, what she was doing.

This family has so tried to play the race card, to make it about race.  They are just embarrassing  them selves.   They should be a shamed.

Their behavior makes it hard to have sympathy/empathy for them.

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