December 11 packet -2-.pdf – So the Evansville School District is now worried about bullying?? Really?

The Evansville School District is the biggest joke when  it comes to dealing with bullying. They attempt to talk a big game, but they are worthless when it comes to making any real changes.

LETS start with the administration from  Kindergarten through High School.  In particular at T.R.I.S.,  J.C. Mckenna,  and the Evansville High School

Robert Flaherty,  Scott Everson, and Brian Cashore are bullies themselves.   THEY bully kids INTO not reporting bullying.  GOING as far as threatening them with police action.   LET us not forget , Meaghan Hannibal she is the most worthless Psychologist .  Some one told me years ago that school psychologists are people who can not get a job anywhere else.  This is clearly the case when it comes to her.  I was told this by a psychologist who held a real job.


It always laughable when they present reports about bullying to the board because it never changes.   IF they were taking it seriously the bullying issue would get better, not worse. Bullying has been a huge problem for years in Evansville.  It just keeps getting worse.

Read the comments about bullying in the packet.

December 11 packet -2-.pdf.


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