Family of Fitchburg woman tells police she worked as escort | News –

For the last couple of weeks her family has posted on their Facebook page that Aprina was not a hooker/escort/prostitute .  They claimed she did not do drugs.


Did they really think what they told the police was not going to become public record?

We knew from living by this girl was she was doing.  The police knew about both the drugs and the prostitution , at their home many times.

Classmates coming forward saying she was working as a prostitute in high school.

Now we are finding out she was SELLING DRUGS.  I am sorry but this entire sad story never would have happened if she had not answered that ad.

WE so need to raise our daughters with respect for them selves, with self-confidence, and to get an education.

I am glad to hear Middleton will be back in prison for longer than what I originally thought.  He is just a scary man.

I find it hard to believe he would have gone back to prison longer for a probation violation than what he is facing now.

What I really hope is her siblings learn from this.   That they choose a different path in life than Aprina did.  That they stay in school,  find some respect for them selves,  and live their lives in a way that would honor Aprina.

Family of Fitchburg woman tells police she worked as escort | News –


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