” WE get these kids ready for college.” Nothing Less Than 3.0– Proud Mom Moment

Please excuse me as I continue to have my very proud MOM moment!!!!  My son who is a freshman at Madison West has made the Madison West basketball team!!!   This is a big accomplishment and one to be proud of.   There were  around 60 kids who tried out, and in the end he made the team!    But he has always worked to get better in this sport, and has improved every year he has played.

We had our first parents basketball meeting last night.   I am  SO super impressed with the way the athletic program is run at West.   During last night’s meeting there was more talk about expectations for its players than really any talk about basketball.    They expect ALL their players to keep up a 3.0 average, which they monitor.   IF a player does not have a 3.0 they are required to attend tutoring sessions .   They expect nothing but exemplary behavior from their players on and off the court.

Several times I heard ” We get these kids ready for college.”    There was such a focus on academics it was so nice to hear.   They pointed out that Madison West is in one of the toughest divisions in the state , and it takes kids that are not only good with the basketball , but kids who are just as academically skilled.

These coaches realize these kids are going to need something for life after high school.

The athletes at Madison West are definitely held to a higher standard than what the athletic dept at Evansville requires.

Evansville could stand to take some lessons from them with their anemic requirement of only maintaining a 1.5 g.p.a. to play sports.   Pathetic.


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