What kind of juror would you be? I would be a horrible one.



I have always thought it would be interesting to be a juror for a murder case.  I would have loved to have been a juror on the George Zimmerman case, or the Casey Anthony Case.  I admit that I would have been the one, lone hold out on both cases refusing to let these murder’s walk.    I do not know how jurors on either case were able to keep what they already knew about Casey Anthony or George Zimmerman , from the media coverage before the trial, out of their heads when deliberating.

How did they not factor in what they had heard from the media into their last choice of guilty or not guilty?     I do not think I could separate what I learned in the trial and what I knew from before the trial.   I might tell my self I could,  but in the end it would be very hard.

IF the Aprina Paul case were ever to head to a murder trial ( which could be very unlikely if no forensic evidence comes to light.)  I think because of what I already know  , even with out forensic evidence or any real evidence that he murdered her  , I would have a hard time finding him not guilty.


I think he is dangerous.    There is some thing missing from his soul.

O.K.  so I would be horrible juror because that is not how it is supposed to work.  You deliberate on the evidence you have been given, not on what you know before coming into that court room or what you think you know.     I would really struggle with what I know already in this case.


Nathan Middleton should be very grateful I no longer live in Rock County because if I were chosen to be on a jury for his case I can honestly say  I would be  a horrible one.

What kind of juror would you be?


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