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I remember having this discussion with Theresa Daane years ago.   Before Theresa Daane worked in Evansville she worked for the Sun Prairie School District.

Theresa felt Evansville did the same thing and before she left she was working hard to change just how it was determined who got special ed and who did not.

Special Ed. services is not the way to fix achievement gaps.    How ever there are services you can offer students with out it being a special ed service.

It would be very easy for schools to stick all under achieving students into special ed.  But some times they just need a supported reading or math class.  It is at times as easy as starting a reading or math club.    Just to get kids to practice basic skills more can make a huge difference.

It’s good to see they are going to make some changes.




Sun Prairie schools to revamp special ed screening | Education –


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  1. Evansville has always had this problem. They just always seem to be at a loss to close the achievement gap. Sun Prairie and Evansville what I wonder if how they could afford to slam so many kids into special ed services. IT is expensive. On the other side I know many families in Evansville who have fought to get services for their kids and have been denied. Several have gone to other districts and gotten the same services Evansville denied. Some thing really wrong with that. It should not vary from district to district to get special ed services. Then Evansville wonders why people are leaving the district.

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